Problems and challenges

Bungee Messenger also has an advanced feature which allows users to select a Buddy to establish a formal review process for their tweets. Once you select a Buddy, all tweets will be redirected to the Buddy for review. The Buddy acts as a separate set of eyes to reject a potentially negative viral post from the original user. Again, there is no way to “un-tweet” something. There is a configurable timeout period, which allows the original Bungee user to pull back the message and approve it himself. The framework is there to enable a human-based message evaluation.

Other Features

  • All the offensive word will be adding by admin in the backend and there is an option on the app that users can add them as per the requirements.
  • All the tweets will be shown in an app and you can retweet, quote tweet from Bungee besafe page as well.

How it Works?

  • A Countdown timer to send messages (Quote tweet and direct message) direct message
  • Accept or Reject tweets from Buddy (reply tweet, new tweet, retweet tweet)
  • Text with (quick message)
  • Settings (banned word list) certain words cannot be tweeted
  • send images and video in a tweet.
Weeks of Effort 2

Weeks of Effort

Third Party Enhancements 2


Reduction in Mobile Bounce Rate 80 +

Reduction in Mobile
Bounce Rate

bungee besafe

The Solutions

Bungee messenger also has a quick-test feature, which allows a user to set up any number of frequently-texted messages like “Just a sec” or “omw” to quickly send such messages. In the existing scenario, twitter does not provide this timing feature. Therefore, Countdown timer to send messages (Quote tweet and direct message) direct message isn't built in any app yet. It helps to set the time for the future post and you can also delete this message before posting. Moreover, you can select the persons whom you want to show your update. Further, this person can accept and reject your message. You can also send images and video in a tweet within a less time frame.

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