Why Lead Validation is Your Harpoon in The Internet Marketing Sea


    A successful internet marketing lead generation campaign is said when it generates the targeted number of leads for a company. Each lead generated through the campaign counts as a ladder step for business growth, only if it is managed well via lead validation. A mismanaged lead would be nothing but an entry in the spreadsheet.

    Marketing Automation Tools such as Marketo, HubSpot, Pardot, Act-on, and InfusionSoft focus on all the internet marketing aspects, they focus on lead validation as much they focus on lead generation. Why lead validation is so important for a longer run in the business? What difference would it make?

    By lead validation, you get the accurate data of lead generation. You separate the sales-lead from the non-sales leads for more detailed results and accurate data.


    What Lead Validation Does…

    You will know from which marketing channel your lead has been generated
    Segmented list of sales requests, customer service requests, spam, job applications, etc.
    You can know the cost per lead, which will be separated from cost per conversion. Mixing this data can mislead you for further steps.
    By knowing the channel of the lead, better optimization of the marketing campaign can be done
    Efforts will be focused only on the potential leads received after lead validation. This will save your time and efforts.

    You can be easily fooled by the data, requests, and inquiries you receive. The lead generation number you thought of as 80 could just be 35. And, without knowing the exact number, you will be wasting time, money, resources and efforts on the rest of the 45 entries. This makes lead validation crucial in today’s internet marketing.

    So, don’t just keep on hitting, focus on the best area, apply maximum effort and hit there for the best result.

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