What Salesforce Lightning Is All About?

Salesforce Lightning consists of a totally fresh UI Framework from Salesforce that allows the user to develop dynamic single page web and mobile applications. It makes the developing responsive applications way easier than it was before Lightning Framework came into existence.

Here’s an Interesting One: Previous year, when Salesforce was launching its Salesforce1 mobile application, instead of building the application on Java Framework, they built a completely fresh UI framework and then developed all the UI of the application using components from Lightning Framework. Yes, that’s how Lightning was born. Now, a year later to the launch of Salesforce1, the company made the Lightning platform available for the developers. Not only this, Lightning app builder will allow the non developers compose and build applications to some extent that run on Salesforce1. Non-developers can call developers to build components later on.

Why Should you use Lightning Component Framework?


  1. The top most reason for using Lightning Feature or the Lightning framework is easy development components, which ultimately results in rapid-firing the development process.

  2. As mentioned above, the ability of the Lightning Framework to develop responsive applications gives us our second best reason.

  3. Salesforce introduced rich component ecosystem to attract non-developers. Salesforce1, Communities and Lightning Experience users can access the components through the navigation menu. What’s the simplest way to use and implement the components? It is Dragging and Dropping, right? Lightning Experience does it the exact way. Drag and drop the components in the Lightning app builder. It is as simple as you read it.

  4. Event focused architecture to decoupling the components better is sure to be on this list.

  5. As it is the newest UI platform in the market, it has all the latest set of components that will become benchmark in the near future.

  6. Client & server architecture has been re-invented. To exchange data between the client and the server, Lightning Framework uses JSON. It gives the user more freedom to utilize the interactions and logic of the apps.

  7. The preloaded re-usable components makes Lightning Framework, a favorite pie in the party.

  8. AppExchange for Components: More than 50 partner components to use in the app builder.

  9. The integration tool to consume data from any external source.

  10. The components of Lightning framework are generally available across all Salesforce based platforms.

We will upload more on Salesforce Lightning Framework and Lightning Feature shortly covering all the topics you need to know.

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