Web Development Trends That Will Shine Bright in 2017

2017 has been the year of surprises not only for internet marketing professionals, but also for web developers. Some of the trends that we saw in the late 2016 are sure to get the limelight in the year 2017.

1. Artificial Intelligence
Leading the list is Artificial Intelligence that has stepped in internet marketing as well as in web development. AI development is supposed to ease out the work of marketing as well as web development. It has made the processed faster, dependable, practical and affordable.

The foundation of Artificial intelligence in web development and internet marketing is laid by cloud computing. The growth of cloud platforms is tremendous. Tech giants such as Google, Apple, Facebook, and Amazon are finding new ways to include Artificial Intelligence in major IT processes.

2. Static Site Developers
The tables are turned from dynamic websites to static websites. We saw it’s major impact in web development last year. 2016 was the year of startups, even in the blogging industry. So, the search for easy way of delivering content got the value. Static site developers do that by converting plain, simple text, into static website or blog. Creating a good, speedy website is now easy, costs less, due to static site generators.

3. Conversational UI
The internet and websites era began to educate people, to fill them with knowledge about a particular product, service, company, or whatever it is intended to deliver. Now is the era of not just delivering, but receiving from the user is here. Company owners, bloggers, want the user visitors fill the contact form, click on the subscribe button, leave a review, do banking, shopping, pay the bills. The whole system has become two-way. This gave rise to the conversational UI.

The internet marketers and sales managers are finding new ways to develop this conversational UI system to make it more user-oriented. Web developers are told to add the functionalities that can track the user activities and also to create a space for them respond in any way,.

4. JavaScript Returns
it is already in news because of its wide variety of system of frameworks, libraries and technologies. The fundamentals of JavaScript that web developers need to get expertise in are Closures, Builtin Methods, ES6, Promises, functions and pure functions, callbacks, classes, Node and Express, RAIL, etc. Some of the libraries that are expected to rock in 2017 are RIOT.JS, Node.JS, D3.JS, Chart.JS, keystone.JS, etc. For 2017, JavaScript will be loaded with the following frameworks Amber.JS, Meteor, and VUE.JS.

5. Motion UI
Motion UI is used to create custom animations and transitions. The updated version of Motion UI in SaaS library is loaded with latest transitions with more than two dozen animation classes, which makes prototyping easy.

6. Change of State of MySQL
Web developers have degraded MySQL, and they have started looking for Nosql variants such as Cassandra, Hbase, and Mongo, etc. This decision is headed toward the world of Apache Spark and Hadoop.

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