Want to Decrease Bounce Rate? Follow these Landing Page Designing Tips


    Bounce rate is snatching the sound sleep of website designers and developers, online marketers.

    Marketers shouting – We have made a website landing page and we want the visitor to stay there for a longer time!

    And here’s what you need to reduce the bounce rate on your landing pages.

    1 No Auto-Plays
    Facebook introduced the cool auto-play feature, but it’s not new. It has been in existence for a quite a long time and people are getting over it. They loved it when it first came out. But they are hating it now on the website. However, this feature has been accepted by the people on Facebook, because their reason for visiting Facebook is different. Putting the auto-play option on the landing page is a bad idea. It’s not visitor-friendly and increases your bounce rate. It’s okay to put a video if that explains your product or services better, but don’t turn on the auto-play.

    2 Avoid unnecessary Pop-ups
    Avoid flashing pop-ups on the landing page because

    a. They hide the carefully written content and the strategically designed page you want to show
    b. It’s not a credible approach
    c. Visitor thinks it is a spam link
    d. Don’t mix it with exit intent Pop-up. Exit intent Pop-up is recommended.

    If the user gets irritated by the pop-ups, your bounce rate is going to increase not decrease.

    3 Call to Action
    You can’t miss that, can you? That’s the red carpet for your visitor. Your call to action should stand out from the page, content, images combined. The visitor should know where to click to avail your services, download the eBook, subscribe your newsletter, buy the product or anything catchy you wish to pitch to your visitors.

    4 Visually Appealing Page
    The choice of background color, text color, images all affect the user’s experience on the page. Vivid color combinations are in trend. But if you choose your industry related color pallets. For Example: If you are related to steel industry, then metallic colors, gray, brick red, or rusty red are your colors.
    The reading shouldn’t be compromised so maintain a good contrast between the background and the text.

    5 Content
    Yes, it is part of designing of the landing page. After all, content is the king! That’s the way you are going to convey your message. Infographics, banners, brochures, all need content and attractive, enticing, interesting content takes away the cake. Longer text won’t decrease the bounce rate, interesting content will. So, if you are going after the length, don’t leave the interesting cart behind.

    6 Interlinking
    If on your landing page, you know there are terms related to which you have written another page or have another landing page, then you should interlink that page to your landing page. This will keep your visitor on your website and your bounce rate will be readily decreased.

    These and much more from RichestSoft. Know more on how you can decrease your Landing Page’s Bounce Rate.

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