Top Six Features of Marketing Automation You Can’t Ignore

    A number of technologies are there which support the large business and make them progressive. Marketing Automation is one of them and playing a vital role not only for the growth of large scale business, but for small as well. It can show the magic in all kinds of industries as well as businesses by adding advance features in their marketing strategies. The motive of this technology is to make usages of services easy and maintain progressive relationship with them for long tenure.

    The main components of this technology is highlighting landing pages, forms, email marketing, engagement marketing, customer life cycle management and campaign management, prediction and scoring. Mobile marketing capabilities, CRM integration, social marketing capabilities, and marketing analytic are also playing vital role to take online business at top level. All these features are responsible to balance the sale and purchase aspects of business.
    Here are the main components of Marketing Automation:

    1. Email Marketing: It is a module which manages and launches email campaigns. The main function of this feature is targeting potential groups. This is the most effective way of communication. The effectiveness of this feature always depends on the use of the templates. Informative templates are always good to make the communication top-notch.

    2. CRM Integration: This feature is responsible to manage the relationship between a customer and a service provider. It manipulates data in Marketing Automation module. The effective components of CRM are track, organize and manage customer related activities, information as well as conversation. In this way CRM makes understanding of marketing, customer services and sales better for the services team and eases their task.

    3. Lead Management: This advantage effects leads and increases up sell-rate. It keeps current customers engaged. This technology has been designed to score leads as per selected goal as well as add some advanced features to them at the time of changing in customers. This concept is closely related to the CRM concept.

    4. Campaigns Management: Campaign management is responsible for preparation, execution and management abilities. It also effects the facilities for Campaign analysis and measurement. Along with other components, it’s also responsible for handling several marketing campaigns. Main work area of this feature is recognize and tag single pieces of marketing content.

    5. Web Analysis: The consolidation of web analysis data is responsible to rate, qualify prospects and segregate. It is also related with web-browsing behavior. Its main components are collection, measurement, analyzing as well as reporting web data. The motive of this component is Measuring web traffic. In short we can say that with the help of this we can keep a check on website visitors.

    6. Mass Marketing: A module that provides segmented, personalized messaging and mass on all top social media sites including twitter and Facebook. This is the best way of exploring the products and services, and let the visitors know about their advantages. Motive of this feature is highlighting the advantages of the products to potential customers, and enhance their knowledge about the same. In this way it directly effects their decision.

    When it comes to the usability, these features are essential for all kinds of services available online these days. These market the business at the right place and keep customers retained.

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