Top Proven Ways to Improve Your Mobile App Development Timeline


    Mobile app development is growing day by day at a rapid speed.  Its presence has undoubtedly can be felt. It has been proven that it is highly beneficial for companies of all genres including the well-established ones and those that are just starting out.  Its progress has made all the organizations realize how important it is to have a mobile application.  It is difficult to find out the best mobile app development company but if you find it out, you can feel the taste of the victory.

    Mobile apps are the fuels of every company that needs to enhance its operations. They are the ‘silver lining’ for any upcoming startup, regardless of their field of specialization. A firm with a reliable, well-developed mobile application gets to benefit in multiple ways.

    For example, a business can use a mobile app to reach prospective clients more authentically, connect with customers and deliver the products that are more valuable. It can also help to make a brand become widely recognized.

    However, every business ought to be mindful of the timeline and budget, right? The pressure is much greater for entrepreneurs. They are now seeking quick, efficient app development processes. In fact, the only thing holding investors from funding great mobile app ideas is the inability to visualize them.

    If you are into mobile app development, then you are undoubtedly familiar with the continuous struggle between quality and speed. The best way to economically bring such ideas to life is by ensuring a quick, efficient app development process. Improving mobile app development practices could help you cut down the timeline of your projects largely.

    Tips to improve App development Timeline

    When compared to web development, mobile app development cycles are usually longer. Fortunately, multiple ways can help speed up the app development process. Below, we discuss the five key tips you can follow to improve your mobile app development timeline:

    Nowadays, App development is very important and if you are in app development or an app developer then you know it very well that in the recent year how it changed. For earlier, you can easily manipulate the clients by providing basic application but today things have to change you can’t fool the clients. Today’s client is wise and smart and needs a perfect app that stays in the market and generates a better-focused result. You have you improve your app development process we have featured here some ways to improve your app development timeline which will not help you to complete the project in time but help you to build one of the finest apps.

    Use Low-Fidelity Wireframes

    Most of the application developers first choose to dedicate their time on the process which takes ample time to complete. Now here you require to take help from low-fidelity wireframes to plan and map out the app’s layout from design to architectural view.

    Low-fidelity wireframes save lots of time in comparison with high fidelity wireframes because they are basic blueprints. They have less detail and are a bit more abstract.

    Wireframes allow the programmers to overlook on the functionalities that they want to built-in. It also helps in the UX designer to decide what kind of user interface he requires to make. Working under the same vision as everyone on the same page save lots of time in the long run.

    Go with Lean Method

    Rather than entering in the market with robust and fully formed product go with MVP (minimum viable product). This will help you to enter in the market rapidly. You required to elaborate the data as soon as possible with the help of build measure learn feedback loop. You have to inform the development process continually by using the collected feedback.

    Try Hybrid Mobile Development Solutions

    Cross-platform hybrid solutions like Xamarin, Adobe Phonegap, etc. allows you to target multiple platforms using a single codebase. It is good than writing codes from scratch for every platform. Just build once and get 2 apps for iOS and Android platforms.

    It is not like hybrid applications are always great you need to know that there are multiple things that are the reasons behind why most of app developers do not consider it. However, you can use it after knowing its drawbacks, if it meets with your requirement then feel free to go with it.

    Hybrid application support animation but low fluidity, moreover it eats up lots of memory resources. Most companies use hybrid apps to penetrate the market and as soon as their app starts getting attention. They replace them with native apps so they will get a solution that is more robust.

    Offland Non-Core Activities

    When you finished with your base product the next thing which you need to analyze is how you are going to make it more engaging so customers will get most of it. You can use mobile engagement platforms which have tons of default ore made applets that you can add to your base app without worrying about additional coding. For example for the communication-related app it provide applets like special offer notifications, sharing tools, new features tours, feedback tools, shift-free customers to premium and more.

    Outsource Non-Core App Development Features

    If your app needs some extra coding then it is not a bad idea to outsource it to professionals. Depending on requirements sometimes outsourcing the app is one of the convenient ways. It will work pretty well when you want to add on coding to coding versions or core products of your app for different platforms.

    Sounds complicated? Let’s make it more clear for you. Consider you have experienced Android developers but now you need to launch iOS app for the same app. Now there is no doubt that existing developers will make the iOS application for you by putting some extra efforts on that. But know that they will not able to do it professionally as they are learning and implementing new things.

    To Ensure Security of Application Set Up Automated Testing

    Testing is one of the most important things that need to considered very seriously. You can give a try to automating testing. Automated testing generally means ruining suite of tests simultaneously which gives you instant result in comparison with regular test that takes hours.

    Component-based UI

    Component used UI is another method that you need to follow to increase the app development speed.

    Using this process, we are able to save a lot of mobile app development cost and time by developing a sustainable technical framework. We understand that every project is different and even in similar apps; the complete source code is submitted to the client once it is developed.

    Flexible Team Size

    One of our biggest strengths is that we have a dedicated team for every process, in house. We are not dependent on any agency to handle any of the offload activities that are given to us.

    Even if we are given any process that calls for additional resources, we are able to cover the workforce gap in the least possible time. This helps us with the faster development and deployment of every project. While cutting down on the client discussion time, as everyone is under the same roof.

    Thoroughly Quality Assurance

    We emphasize on conducting a proper Quality Assurance test after we have achieved every individual milestone of the app development process.  By verifying the quality of every element of the app as and when it gets developed, we save a lot of time which would have gone into doing QA at the end of the final product and then coming back to solve all the basic issues.

    How to speed up your app development Timeline

    If you are investing in the entrepreneur world, then developing a mobile app is going to be one of your top priorities. to stand out from the competition, you will need to put a product on the market which gets you recognition from your target customers.

    A mobile application is the customer-engaging facet of your web presence, just like your website. By digitizing your services, you are empowering the users.

    What we follow to ensure quality as per the industry benchmarks, as well as customer expectations.

    Embrace the world of MVP

    The Minimal Viable Product (MVP) is the buzzword in the business community these days. Although it is a great concept, entrepreneurs are often misguided by the term “minimum”. The word speaks for the minimum features and not minimum efforts. You cannot present a half-baked effort just to attract investors.

    Do not wait to enter the market with a fully functional product having every desired feature. Instead, put something in the user’s bag that addresses their key needs quickly.

    Create Visual Designs

    Wireframes will give you an idea, a rough blueprint of what you need to achieve. It will help you figure out the information architecture of the product you are about to build.

    The customers can approach you with just an idea in their head or on a napkin. Either way, focus on the design first before you jump into developing the mobile application. It sets a clear direction for the whole development effort to be put in.

    For a robust application, the design is an important factor.

    Why? Because design is not just about the look and feel. It’s about giving the liquidity factor to your app.

    Try to stick to the Native Designs

    As a startup, you must first decide what you want to achieve with the initial version of the app. Do you want to stun your users with astounding user experience and beautiful animations? or do you just want to enter the market with a usable MVP?

    If customer experience is your priority, then stick to native designs because native designs provide a faster interaction and the look and feel are consistent with the other apps present on the device. Try to avoid complicated designs as much as possible, at least for basic features like navigation, menus, tab bars, etc.

    Follow the Agile Development Procedure

    If you want to release an update every six weeks then there is no way you can do it without following Agile methodology. Adopt agile and learn to play with it. It helps in pushing frequent updates keeping in mind the user feedback as well as client expectations.

    Fix a timeline; a two-week sprint should cater to the whole thing. Identify areas of improvement in every sprint and continue to do what works best for the team. Let the team decide what stories to own based on velocity and capacity.

    Plan a design review before sprint planning

    When you start with sprints, do a visual/screen design walkthrough on what you want to achieve in this sprint and then follow it up with a demo and review of what was accomplished in the sprint. An effective sprint planning will always lead to the burndown of all your story points.

    At the end of the sprint, you should have a shippable product even if it is partly done. There can always be feedback and improvements based on what was done in the sprint, but always try to keep it to a minimum.


    No doubt, good apps take time to build and time is money. If you are opting to choose the long app to build, then its cost will also high. Many factors can help you determine a realistic development timeline for your unique situation.

    Quality and size are two of the biggest elements that affect time. You have to budget yourself accordingly so you can afford the features that are related to the basic purpose of your app. Who builds your app will also play a major role in your launch timeline. Knowing what you want, what you are getting into, and how you plan to get there will help make this process go faster and more efficiently. You should consult the best mobile app development company in India who can offer you proven techniques to speed up your website and deliver the project on time.

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