Top 8 Sales Cloud Best Practices You Should Make Full Use Of

Do you also ask these questions to yourself or your Salesforce Sales Cloud Manager?

-What can you do in Sales Cloud to increase sales?
-What are the best practices?
-What is it that your competitors have done and you missed?

If yes, then this article is for you. Follow this list of best practices in Salesforce Sales Cloud and never get underrated results from the leading software, that can do more than you can expect it to do.

1. Set Your Priority to Mobile Devices
There’s no second thought to it. There’s no second opinion. Mobile devices are leading the market. It’s simple logic. Where do you want to reach? Customer’s desk or customer’s hands? Closer is better. This close and deep connection with your prospects gives you an advantage.

2. Install Salesforce1 Productivity Applications
You are on a mobile device not just to get notified where the customer is at in the deal process. Salesforce1 productivity applications are there to…
-Let you see each lead’s present sales phase
-Realize the next best step to take
-Act and update on lead’s status

3. Create Separate Dashboards
Management wise, activity wise, metrics-wise, segmented dashboards are easy to study and track. It streamlines the process and maintains accountability.

4. Basic Forecasting Managing
Keep a close look on forecasting. Manage and update forecasting as per the need based on the reports you see on how you are performing with the presently implemented plan. You can do real-time adjustments for an accurate view of your forecast. Even the most complex sales process are simplified by Overlay Splits in forecasting.

5. Data Filtering
Clean the litter from your data. Keep the good and potential leads, block leads and contact duplication. Make a good use of custom field feature. By creating customer fields for your customers’ information, you can create a relevant marketing plan and design your campaign that way. Personalized emails because you segmented the audience not only helps you improve your marketing plan but also increase your ROI, impressions, engagement, and clicks.

6. Freedom to your Sales Representatives
With Salesforce Sales Cloud services, you are giving your sales representatives their own marketing machine to run. It’s like you have money to buy a race car, but to win the race, you need an experienced race car driver. Salesforce Sales Cloud is your race car and your Sales Reps are your drivers. As the race car driver tune in the car for best performance, let your Sales representatives tune in the Sales Cloud with segmentation, personalized content their way for maximum performance. Sales representatives can create, edit and manage the campaigns that suit best to their prospects. They can quickly identify the leads and approach it for best scoring.

7. Know Your Customer from Head to Toe
It’s not literally from head-to-toe for every industry, but some do need this. It’s basically a 360 view of your customer including contact info, address, activity history, products, partner info, campaign history, company info, discovery questions, account team, documents, whatever information you have related to your customer, arrange it an aligned manner for a better viewpoint. Keep these viewpoints common for all, and leave a space for a special trait you find in your customer. Look for the same trait in other customers. This way you would know how to interact with a particular customer to have a quality conversation with him/her. This helps in better customer relationship.

8. Integrate AppExchange apps to integrate all your sales functions

With free apps via AppExchange such as action plan, opportunity accountability dashboard, clone this user, side calendar, mass update tasks, octopus, case history, s-docs, graphics pack, track opportunity stage on activities and much more, you can really give your Sales Cloud the boost it needs. For each sales stage, marketing stage, lead status, and admin etc. there is an application. Get familiarized with these apps, integrate them in your Sales Cloud and see it performing like never before.

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