Top 10 Things Which Tell You Why You Need To Develop Apps in Swift Platform

    If you are the one who is looking for someone who can develop your dream app then without any single doubt we will help you in it. But apart from the start developing an app, you also need to tell us on which platform you want to make your app.

    You can think of whether to build an app on Android, iOS or Windows platform but still, it is not a concern. If you want to make an app for iOS then today we are going to tell you about benefits of Swift app development. It is considered as “The Future of Mobile Application Development”.

    Today smartphones become a big market. This simple rectangular box can do everything. Now which things make it a complete smartphone, it’s obviously apps, right?

    In this, if you are thinking of having an app then you surely know that these days the enterprise mobile app development becomes one of the latest trends. Most of the enterprises love to develop their apps in Swift. Here you will know why you too need to develop apps in Swift.

    Swift App is Latest Trend

    However, Swift has been launched on June 2, 2014, but still is fresh like started today. It was a platform which was launched by Apple Inc. The company released its stable version on April 21, 2017. If we compare it with

    Objective-C, then you find it new that’s why we said it is fresh.

    Objective-C was an addition to Objective-C which was launched earlier in about 33 years ago. Apple launched it separately because it doesn’t support the functionalities of Objective-C.

    Most of the enterprises love this platform as it is one of the latest trends. Now obviously you don’t want to walk out of the trend.

    Come With Robust Open Source

    If you are a developer and want to know more about Swift platform, then know that it is an open source platform when you can easily upgrade all source codes, email list, and bug tracker according to your comfort.

    Go through its technical documentation and open a door of developing future apps. That does not end it supports all platforms which are based on Linux. You can also suggest your customized resolutions as it has Jira which is a bug tracker.

    Multiple-Faceted Languages

    Swift supports multi-faceted language which is it’s one of the best biggest advantages. This feature helps the developers to develop simple or even complicated types of apps. The developers can easily understand Multiple-faceted languages. They can also develop an app for Apple watches.

    Data Compilation At Lightning Fast Speed

    Here is one more strong reason why Swift is far much better than Objective-C. No need to say that the latest Swift comply data at very high speed. To optimize the native code of different operating platforms LLVM has been used.

    Developers get a quick opportunity to rewrite many groups as structures. Talking about Objective-C then there are only a few sets of codes which slow down the coding. This also increases the time frame. The best part about Swift is, it takes less time for coding.

    Perfect for Developing Business Apps

    Swift has been considered as one of the best programming languages which can be used to develop business apps. It is not said by us only. Actually, it was proved after many types of research and tests that Swift platform has an efficiency which is best for developing enterprise apps.

    Apple has many expert and experienced developers who continually work on this platform to make it more simple and user-friendly.

    Needs Less Memory

    A good code is something which uses fewer resources, right. Now we are mentioning this point here which means Swift consumes less memory. This again tells us that it beats the Objective-C in terms of memory consumption.

    Objective-C had object-link which consumes RAM, on the other side Swift is a single object oriented program in which SDK classes and data type were reduced. This feature makes it a resource friendly programming language.

    Not Just Limited to iOS Only

    As above mentioned that Apple developed the swift, now don’t think that it can be utilized to develop iOS apps only. You will be a bit surprised after knowing the fact that it can also be used to develop Android apps too. Because Linux adapts this platform.

    If you are the one who is reading this article for knowledge purpose and want to make an Android app on Swift platform then immediately think about it because it will not limit the creativity. You can create a fully functional Android app in Swift.

    Syntax Improvement

    To maintain the consistency of the Swift language company added some of the improved syntaxes which help the developer to code something easily. If you are the one who wants to learn this language then no need to say that you will find it very easy. So learn with fun.

    Take Less Time for Coding

    You will be glad to know that Swift requires less coding. Now it doesn’t mean that Swift compromises with quality. It is more like saying a lot in few lines. Because of this functionality, developers can easily handle complicated and difficult projects. They can easily finish the project in given time frame.

    Other Benefits

    Apart from above features, there are some hidden features which you love to know. Swift comes with an integrated storage system which helps the developer to store the data safely. Swift is ideal for everyone whether it’s a developer or client. It is easy to understand programming language and also take less time to code which saves the developer time on the other hand client gets the latest trendy app which was made on the latest platform.

    So these are the top 10 things which tell you why to develop apps in the swift platform. If you have any question, then feel free to ask from app development agency in the comment section.

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