Top 10 Mobile App Development Companies in South Africa 2023


    In addition to tourism through animal safaris and folklore, this country has also branched into mobile app development for global audiences. In addition, cities like Cape Town and Johannesburg are increasingly better renowned for their top mobile app development companies in South Africa than for their filming locations.

    According to recent studies, there will be roughly 21.9 million smartphone users by 2021. It is a prediction based on an estimated 16.1 million users in 2017. Leading South African app developers will take advantage of this aspect while creating iOS and Android mobile apps in locations like Durban and Pretoria.

    Mobile apps gained popularity and spread across the country after an estimated 9.7 million South Africans started using smartphones, generating a demand for them in the economy. South Africa has less competition and lower costs for mobile app development companies than other nations. It creates a chance for any startup or business to seize the potential revenue and profit from the development of an app.

    Mobile App Development Companies in South Africa 2023

    Given that both natives and immigrants will utilize both platforms, the future of Android and iOS app development looks equally promising. It will involve a combination of the creation of applications for virtual and augmented reality that will enable chatbots and smart devices like Bluetooth watches.

    Key Factors Considered in Selecting the Top Mobile App Development Companies in South Africa

    Here is the list and complete details of the top 10 mobile app development companies in South Africa.

    1 – RichestSoft

    Number of Employees300+
    ServicesMobile App Development
    Email[email protected]
    Phone Number+1 315 210 4488

    Website: – 

    RichestSoft is a premier mobile app development company in South Africa. They offer a group of knowledgeable and experienced developers who can produce top-notch apps for your company.

    They provide a variety of services, such as e-commerce solutions, website development, and the creation of iPhone and Android apps. These apps are always simple to use and tailored to your individual requirements.

    They are the perfect alternative for anyone searching for high-quality mobile app development services at a reasonable cost because their pricing options are adjusted to match the needs of each client’s budget. Go no farther than RichestSoft if you are seeking trustworthy and reputable mobile app development companies in South Africa!

    2 – 21Twelve Interactive

    Number of Employees10 – 49
    ServicesAndroid App Development, iPhone App Development, Magento Development, Mobile App Development, PHP Development, Web Development, WordPress development
    Email[email protected]
    Phone No+1 (415) 800-2955

    Website: –   

    21Twelve Interactive is a Durban, mobile app development company in South Africa. We believe in creating innovative, future-oriented solutions that produce extraordinary results. The team is composed of the industry’s most seasoned mobile developers. Focusing on strategy, practical implementation, and added value, They offer personalized and results-driven programs to fit our client’s marketing objectives. They feel that designing with the user in mind is the most critical component of developing incredible applications.

    3 – Wiggle Digital

    Number of Employees2 – 9
    ServicesGraphics Design, Mobile App Development, SEO, Social Media, Web Design
    Email[email protected]
    Phone No270879439393

    Website: – 

    Black Snow Digital was founded as a Specialized Digital Marketing Agency in the summer of 2009 to assist businesses in achieving online success by creating engaging digital marketing campaigns for their consumers in various industries. Our work is creatively remarkable and efficiently carried out, and our thought is always original. Our combined 15 years of experience in digital marketing and website design and development support this.

    4 – Maxxor

    Number Of Employees50-249
    ServicesApp Development, Design,n Mobile Development, Outsourcing.
    Email[email protected]
    Phone No27215515366


    The reputed mobile app development company in South Africa called Maxxor is in Cape Town. Leading businesses worldwide use their services for software consultation and mobile app development. Keeping focus on mobile platforms, Maxxor specializes in cross-platform mobile application development. Their enterprise customers can successfully engage with and interact with their customer’s thanks to the cutting-edge web, mobile, and website apps they create.

    5 – App Developer Studio

    Number Of Employees10-49
    ServicesMobile App Development, UX / UI Design, Web Development.
    Email[email protected]
    Phone No270796991180

    Website name:

    App Developer Studio is known to be one of the best mobile app development companies in South Africa. They have a team of designers, developers, marketers, and project managers from South Africa. They have collaborated for over five years with a large team of highly skilled developers in India. It means that you receive the best of both worlds: one dedicated, experienced, hands-on, and accountable local project manager in your timezone, as well as the cost savings, size, and technical competence of a predominantly offshore team.

    6 – LightStack

    Number Of Employees2-9
    ServicesCustom Software Development, Mobile App Development, UX and Design Web Development.
    Email[email protected]
    Phone No+27827743368


    LightStack is a software development company specializing in integrated, real-time online and mobile app development. They develop high-quality interfaces for extremely complex applications, such as derivative administration and risk management systems, market research and trading platforms, and interfaces for the automatic creation of forms.

    7 – SovTech

    Number Of Employees10-49
    ServicesBlockchain Lab, Cloud Software, Custom Software Labs, Developers-as-a-Service, Enterprise Solutions
    Email[email protected]
    Phone No+2787 235 1774


    SovTech provides commercial enterprises in various industries with the greatest mobile app development services, professional software development teams, and revolutionary cloud software. They are devoted to designing and implementing cutting-edge solutions that meet the specific business requirements of our clients. They continually strive to provide our clients with world-class software solutions and services, providing them with a global competitive edge.

    8 – Wixel

    Number Of Employees10-49
    ServicesBig Data, Mobile App Development, UX / UI Design, Web Development.
    Email[email protected]
    Phone No27218081800


    In 2010 Wixel was established as a privately held mobile app development company in South Africa. Unwittingly, the studio has earned a reputation for excelling in the nearly impossible task of creating massive, high-quality programs quickly. The Wixel staff enjoys finding answers to even the most frustrating problems.

    Early-stage startups, broadcasting and media, financial services, gaming firms, e-commerce companies, search engines, and big data companies are just a few of the industries and clients for which Wixel has developed software.

    9 – Nona Digital

    Number Of Employees10 – 49
    ServicesBlockchain Development, Mobile App Development, Technical & Design Consultancy, UI Design, and Web Software Development.
    Email[email protected]
    Phone No+27 21 003 8077


    Nona Digital is a specialized software consultant focusing on mobile app development and blockchain. They are a multi-award-winning group of professionals obsessed with creating software products. They excel at this, do it all day, every day, and enjoy it. They have assisted numerous companies like yours to deliver stunning, scalable Fintech software worldwide.

    They give you the time and space to concentrate on your business while having the assurance that your project is being completed to the greatest standards and with the utmost care.

    10 – Entelect

    Number Of Employees250-999
    ServicesBI & Big Data Consulting & SI, Custom Software Development, IT Strategy Consulting.
    Email[email protected]
    Phone No27119943300


    Entelect is a unique mobile app development company in South Africa that combines technology and best practices to provide cutting-edge solutions to various industries. Entelect has an unrivaled level of people and depth of knowledge dedicated to answering your needs on your terms. Entelect was founded on the uncompromising philosophy of highly educated, best-in-class professionals.

    They are known as the leading mobile app development companies in South Africa, and the calibre of their team, delivery record, and blue-chip clientele speak for themselves.

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    Q1: How are these companies selected?

    Ans: These companies are selected based on their expertise, experience, client reviews, portfolio, and overall reputation in the mobile app development industry in South Africa.

    Q2: What types of mobile apps do these companies develop?

    Ans: This Mobile app outsourcing company specializes in creating mobile apps for a range of operating systems, such as Android, iOS, and hybrid applications. It also delivers mobile apps for various markets, including e-commerce, Fitness & wellness apps, on-demand services, healthcare, finance, and education.

    Q3: Do these companies provide post-launch support?

    Ans: Yes, these companies deliver post-launch support to guarantee the smooth functioning of the mobile app. They offer maintenance, upgrades, bug fixes, and more to support the app being up-to-date and secure.

    Q4: Are these companies experienced in developing custom mobile apps?

    Ans: Yes, these companies have experience developing custom mobile apps per the client’s requirements. They have a team of experienced developers who can build custom apps with unique features and functionalities.

    Q5: Can these companies develop mobile apps for startups?

    Ans: Yes, these companies can create mobile apps for startups. They understand the necessities of startups and deliver cost-effective solutions without compromising on quality.

    Q6: Do these companies offer UI/UX design services?

    Ans: These businesses offer UI/UX design services to ensure the app has an intuitive layout and a positive user experience. They have a group of qualified designers who can provide aesthetically attractive designs following the customer’s demands.

    Q7: What is the most effective way to contact these companies?

    Ans: To contact these mobile app development firms, see their website’s contact us page or social media page. To discuss the details of your mobile app development project, you may also phone them or email them.


    Finally, we have covered in detail about the top mobile App Development Companies in South africa. Taking the proper actions, such as choosing the top mobile app development company, is necessary to turn your app concept into reality. With so many alternatives accessible in South Africa it could be difficult to select the best mobile app development company for your organisation. Start your search for an app development partner with a business that is familiar with your objectives and has the technological know-how to support you in achieving them.

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