Thinking About Website Redesign? Ask yourself these 5 questions first!

Having a top rated website in your niche has become a necessity after seeing the rise in the competition in all sectors of the business. Due to this, companies are continuously redesigning their websites to make their website user-friendly, to increase engagement, list new products. You too are also probably jumping on the decision to redesign your website. But, don’t just do it because your competitors are designing their website. Sometimes a simple fix can do the work for you, no need to redesign the whole website. To assist you in this decision, we have outlined a few parameters you need to clear out before going for a complete website redesign.

1. What’s wrong with the current design?
Outline the things that are wrong in your website’s current design. See your website from your perspective and customers’ perspective and after testing your website, if anything comes up that urges the need of the redesign, then go ahead, but if with little tweaks problem can be solved, then avoid the complete redesigning. To get a clear-cut advice, run your website through various test phases, take reviews of the customers before jumping to the conclusion.

2. The Goal of your Website Redesigning?
Are you planning to re-brand your company? Are you planning to change the company logo? Are you changing the service section you are providing? In short, what is that you want to achieve with this redesign.

3. You got inspired by another website design. Now you want the same for your website!
This is the most common reason people go for the website redesign. The web design that inspired you might make sense for the business, but it might not work fro you. Even if your business niche is same, then remember, that they already have that design and having the same design would just be the blatant rip-off. Keep your website’s uniqueness. You can use the similar functionality and use it in another way, you can change the content approach. After the redesign, it shouldn’t look like that you have copied the design.

4. Additions
Is there any addition in the service or products? And does these additions require a complete website redesign or you can just add new services and products and it will do the work for you? Sometimes, adding product or service might change the navigation bar too, and your current navigation might not gel with the new products, in that case, you can upgrade the navigation bar and sections. Here, website redesign does the work.

5. Functionality requirements in the Website
Does your current website not having enough functionality to attract visitors, generate leads, close the deals, generate revenue through ads, content space, image space, social sharing function. If not, go ahead with website redesigning.

The last but not the least reason is that if the decided changes will improve your website and generate profit, then go ahead, otherwise there’s no need.

Take an expert’s advice on this. Call RichestSoft’s expert web designers and consult with them the possibilities with your website redesign. Our experts will tell you whether you actually need it or the changes you want can be done with slight tweaks.

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