Things To Know About Google’s AI Powered BrainChild – RankBrain

So, what’s all the fuss about Google RankBrain? You are probably thinking the same. Let’s break the ice.

Google RankBrain – What is it all about?
RankBrain is Google’s new brainchild who has the powers of Artificial Intelligence. It helps Google in processing the search queries.

RankBrain utilizes Artificial Intelligence to insert large amounts of written language into mathematical values or entries, that are in computer-understandable form. RankBrain sees the word or phrase and converts it into a form that computer can understand. If RankBrain comes across something it doesn’t understand, it will compare the unknown word or phrase with the most related word or phrase by the guess work. Then it sends the results to Google. This way, it effectively handles never-seen-before search queries.

Google RankBrain – Why is it so Important?
Out of many factors of measuring a Webpage’s rank and search quality score, RankBrain is the third most important factor in its algorithm that determines the search results and its rank on the Google Search Page. Google RankBrain is 80% success rate and is responsible for 15% of all search queries generated online via Google.

Before Google RankBrain, Google software engineers used a constant mathematical algorithm to handle the search queries. It only changed when the new updates are introduced. With Artificial Intelligence in RankBrain, it is self-updating and changing for effective performance.

Google RankBrain – How it Affects the SEO?
As RankBrain is about handling search queries, it affects the foundation of the SEO straight – The Keywords.

Keywords research is one of the initial steps in any SEO campaign. A good SEO campaign cannot be built on poor keyword research. Now, when RankBrain is here, which is constantly learning and updating ability your SEO campaign, especially the keyword research will require constant stir after a while.

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