The Urban Legend of Website Promotion: Black Hat in SEO



    As the leading SEO service providers, it is our duty to tell the client what are the right methods to promote the website on Google. We receive many queries from our clients where they ask us why don’t we do this or that. And, their ‘this’ and ‘that’ are all black hat practices. Activities performed to generate quick results that are actually banned by Google are called Black Hat SEO practices. The success of website promotion doesn’t come overnight! It grows naturally and that’s what Google says.

    As with Google updates, new White Hat techniques are updated along with the Black Hat ones. Google tracks both the ethical and unethical ways to promote the website and the unethical ones fall under Black Hat. Consequences of Black Hat in SEO can result in a complete ban on the website without prior notice. Yes, this can happen.

    The all-time famous but risky Black Hat SEO techniques are


    1. Paid Links
    Links that exchanged for the money to manipulate page rank is a direct violation of Google’s Webmaster guidelines. Such links to your website and from your website both get counted in spam links by Google. Here Google lists the Link Scheme in detail.


    2. Promotional Comments
    Probably the most common practice followed is spam promotional comments. The submitted comment has nothing to do with the content posted. The author or the administrator deletes such suspicious links and puts them in the spam section. The submitter also loses the credibility for the future comments. Direct link submission in the comment is definitely black hat. But, here’s a trick that can turn the Black Hat blog commenting into White Hat blog commenting. RichestSoft SEO Experts know this trick. Our SEO Experts work as per Google guidelines and do nothing that doesn’t come under Google guidelines.


    3. Duplicate Content
    The Ctrl+C and Ctrl +V practice for the content publishes similar content on two domains, which is clearly a violation of Google’s unique content guideline. Copied content issue is also generated under the same domain name. Whether you have put the copied content intentionally or unintentionally, Google will notify about it. To avoid such situation, canonical tags are the solution to it. Contact RichestSoft SEO Experts to know how Canonical tags can give you a clean chit for duplicate content under the same domain. In the case of different domains, you have to write new and unique content piece. Hire RichestSoft Content writers to write unique content for your website.


    4. Cloaking
    Cloaking is a method in which two pages are created for the same content. One is targeted to the Search Engines and one is targeted to the normal user. Here, both the search engine and the end user are deceived. The Webpage created for search engines is ranked well in Google which results in the improvement in the overall ranking of the website. Created two pages for the same content is Black Hat SEO. RichestSoft SEO Experts can help you in providing White Hat SEO Services.


    5. Keyword Stuffing
    Another popular Black Hat SEO practice is Keyword Stuffing. Here, one keyword is repeated in the content piece again and again to improve its ranking. Overusing one keyword doesn’t make the content reader-friendly and Google puts it in Black Hat Technique.


    6. Invisible Text
    White colored text on the white colored background is not visible to the end user, but it is detected by the bot. This doesn’t affect the reader-friendliness but increases the ranking as the uploader only keeps the keywords on the similar colored background.

    These are the most followed Black Hat SEO practices, there are many other practices. To know all or to know which are just the right practices for your website promotion, contact our Experts for SEO services.

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