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How to develop a Trending Video Streaming App?

Back in the date, Television is the only source of entertainment. There was no easy access to the video content for the people.  Nowadays, the time has been changed completely. Everything that is available on the big screen can be streamed on our small handy screens and can be accessed from anywhere to anytime. It […]

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How to develop an app like Tik-tok?

Listening to music is a need of everyone. There are numerous music apps available for everyone’s entertainment. Nowadays these music applications are developing with more trending features. These features are so unique, which enable a user to interact with the application more and more. We all know that music applications are more about music or […]

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Tips to make a mobile app development successful

In today’s technology world, the mobile app market is expanding day by day. Consequently, mobile marketing is becoming more competitive.  To confirm the visibility of your app in a complex scenario, To ensure the visibility of your app in such a complex scenario, you need to be very particular about the approach being followed for […]

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12 Reasons Why User Uninstalls a Mobile App

Everyday,our smartphone screen is bombarded with useless notifications.Mainly these notifications distract us from our daily routine activities.Their poor timely forced us to delete that particular app or disable its notification.Have you ever noticed about these useless notifications from various apps? How many those notification do you actually care about? Thus, there are some points that […]