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Robots Vs. Humans in Marketing Automation

From soft drink dispenser machines to email sending, robots have taken over humans in a lot of sectors, IT being the most affected. With the introduction of marketing automation in digital marketing age, robots made a strong impact and made their presence felt. Marketo, HubSpot, Act-On, InfusionSoft, Pardot are strongest marketing automation tools in the […]

Internet Marketing

Social Media Marketing Strategies to Grab for B2B marketing in 2017

When people turned to Social Media Marketing, it was basically for B2C Marketing, but it is not limited to B2C marketing. Social Media Marketing has its way to becoming a potential B2B Marketing Platform. Social Media is where most of the consumers are spending time. Brands use it to build a strong relationship with their […]

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Never Leave These 4 Types of Social Media Marketing Tools

Content demand on social media channels is increasing. People look for both quality and quantity and when marketers get multiple projects at the same, they find it difficult to meet the requirements of the clients and audience at the same time. As the Social Media Marketer, they got to create content, design image, share the […]