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Why Custom Mobile App Development is a Better Choice?

Robust mobile app strategy caters to a higher level of business mobilization and automation with perks of better enterprise marketing. Customer applications are perfect marketing tools that can benefit virtually every industry. However, companies also have an interest in developing applications for their employees, to reinforce the marketing strategy or to simplify internal processes. Another […]

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7 Key Factors that will shape the mobile app development in 2019

With the advancement of technology, the mobile app development has become more efficient to produce better results for the difficult challenges and the complexities of the modern business times. In 2016, 65 percent of traffic has come from mobile devices. By 2018, this figure had reached 52.6% till date. Gone are the days of relying […]

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How Google AMP affects Mobile Application Development

Are you thinking about switching to Accelerated Mobile Pages to enhance the loading time and user experience? You must be aware of its advantages and disadvantages before adopting any protocol for the mobile app development. Moreover, you should know how to properly implement it. AMP is an open source project that is supported by the […]

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Which One is Better Mobile App Development – Native or Hybrid?

For those who want to build a mobile app for your business may have come across some different options during your preliminary research. It is true that not all development methods are the same and you have a couple of different ways to approach mobile app development. Let’s discuss these platforms, one by one: Native […]

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10 Main Importance of Email-Marketing in Mobile App Development

No doubt, you have created a mobile app with amazing features. But what is the essence of such app if it fails in the market.  The fact is if you saw the need and then created an app to provide the solution to that particular need. There is no way you can meet this need […]

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12 Reasons Why User Uninstalls a Mobile App

Everyday,our smartphone screen is bombarded with useless notifications.Mainly these notifications distract us from our daily routine activities.Their poor timely forced us to delete that particular app or disable its notification.Have you ever noticed about these useless notifications from various apps? How many those notification do you actually care about? Thus, there are some points that […]

Impact of IoT on Mobile App Development
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Impact of IoT on Mobile App Development

  Due to the advent of technology and changing demands of business and people, Internet of Things (IoT) has come and provides the best facilities to make people’s life easier.  Nowadays the best tech solution provided by the top mobile app development companies in India is an IoT solution. Internet plays an indispensable role in […]

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Top Programming Languages for Mobile App Development

If you are planning to become a mobile app developer then may be currently you are in confusion that which programming language you need to start with as there are tons of programming languages. To help you with this problem we are coming up with top programming languages for mobile app development. This guide will […]

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Beware! Your Messenger Apps May Contain Spy Software

If you are addicted to messengers, and you feel that your day is incomplete with them, then we have something shocking news for you. Cyber-security researchers found out that some of the messengers are vulnerable which steals your data in no time.   SophosLabs which is an IT security product company which recently identified 3 […]