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How You Can Increase Marketo’s Efficiency?

Companies are as crazy about Marketo as a homemaker is crazy about the new washing machine. They want to learn all the functions. They want their clothes to get cleaned without wasting water and detergent. Same goes for the marketing automation software such as Marketo. Users want maximum return on their investment in Marketo. They […]

Small Business marketing automation
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Own a Small Business? Doesn’t Mean That Marketing Automation Software Isn’t For You!

Many small business owners still have a misconception that Marketing Automation Software are only for large scale business. And, due to this block in their mind, they completely ignore the marketing automation software. Let us say once and for all – Marketing Automation is for Everyone! If you run a small-scale business, then these 5 […]

Project Orion, Marketo
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About The Project Orion Introduced At 2016 Marketo Summit

Marketo Developers have a habit of coming with new features each year. This year’s marketo summit, same as last year’s summit was their stage to showcase the latest features of Marketo Automation System. The features were announced to be introduced in the software, they are not yet available for the customers or in any version […]

email marketing tips
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The Art of Tempting People to Read and Respond to Your Emails

Salesforce, Marketo, Hubspot or whichever platform you use for email marketing, you will end up noticing that all of them have almost similar functions. They allow you to create, curate and send quality emails to the business prospects. At the most, run an email campaign! Is that all you need in Email Marketing, an Automation […]

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Marketing Automation

8 Reasons to Choose Marketing Automation Software over Manual Marketing Service!

8 Reasons to Choose Marketing Automation Software over Manual Marketing Service Even after an acclaimed success of the marketing automation software, CEOs of MNCs still ask this question “Why should I choose a Marketing Automation Software?”, “What’s good in that for me?” and they have every right to ask as most of them do it […]