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Having a restaurant business is one of the most difficult industries to break into and be successful. It is considered that around 50-60% of the restaurant business fall out within the first five years of operations. To be successful you need to play your game at the top of your limits. If you want to […]

Marketing Automation

ABM, Audit Trail, and much more in Marketo’s Latest Product Suite

Marketo’s Latest Product Suite holds high potential for the Marketo marketers. New weaponry has arrived in the inventory and Marketo Automation Software users are excited about it. Let us showcase about what’s new in the collection. Marketo’s latest introduction in their marketing automation software is ABM – Account Based Marketing. And, this new ABM focuses […]

Marketing Automation

5 Misconceptions Surrounding Marketing Automation Software

If sales and marketing efforts are not showing results, installing a Marketing Automation Software will do the work for us! Don’t surround yourself with such ideas. Marketing Automation Software such as Marketo, Pardot, InfusionSoft, Act-On or HubSpot are not your magic wands that do the work in a blink of an eye. Entrepreneurs think that […]

Marketing Automation

6 Creative & Personal Approaches for successful Email Marketing Campaign

Almost every email marketing solutions provider offers the basic features; creating, editing, managing, sending, tracking, success measuring of email marketing campaign and a couple of more features to separate them from the competition. Marketo, HubSpot, Pardot, you name and they’ll have it. Marketing Automation Software give you the tools to bring your plans into action. […]

Marketing Automation

5 Must Take Marketing Campaign Measures Regardless of Marketing Automation Software

Switching to Marketing Automation System is like filling your inventory before the battle. It doesn’t mean that you have actually won the battle. The next and equally important step is identifying goals before any marketing plan implementation in your Marketing Automation Software. The 5 must take measures that are discussed here are not Marketing Automation […]

Marketing Automation

Lead Management Challenges & How to Overcome Them

Challenges are a part of every novel process adopted for evolutionary advantage in technological applications. Lead management through marketing automation software is such process where companies are facing. As the clients’ demand for the marketing automation consultants for specific services, we have listed top 5 challenges that clients face and hire marketing automation consultants for. […]

Marketo, Google Adwords
Marketing Automation

Integrating Google Adwords with Marketo

A Marketing Automation Software such as Marketo is capable of performing all the tasks that it is designed for. Still, the developers have allowed third party software integration to expand the reach of the software even more. And, the marketing automation software users are making full use of this opportunity. Google Adwords integration in Marketo […]

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Marketing Automation

Get out of the Automation Zone in Sales Cloud

You are half-way on the success route if you are already using sales cloud. Why half-way? It’s because shifting to a marketing automation software is not enough, you got to make it perform the best of its ability so you can generate good ROI, increase customer base and grow the business. Many marketing automation software […]

A/B Testing Elements
Internet Marketing

Elements to Test in A/B testing for Better Performance of Marketing Campaigns

A/B testing, as the name suggests, is the performance comparison of the two elements. For lead generation process in Inbound Marketing, there are various elements to test to see the performance of the campaign. This way it is easy to know which practices are working best in the campaign. Marketing Automation Software offers options to […]

PPC Adwords
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6 Important PPC Adwords Metric Terms Explained

What’s good in the PPC Adwords report generated in your Marketing Automation Software if you don’t know what the values and the terminologies such as costs per conversion, average conversion value, conversion rate, CTR, clicks, conversion mean? -It’s not always good if all the values are increasing -It’s not always good if all the values […]