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Marketing Automation

7 Bad Marketing Automation Habits to Leave Right Now

Types of Marketing Automation Tool Users Who buy Marketing Automation Tool, but don’t know how to use it. Such clients hire consultants to guide them through the software. This is the common scenario and nothing to be ashamed of. Buy Marketing Automation Tool and automate everything without any consultation. Using own cleverness and sabotaging the […]

Google Ads Expansion test
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5 Things Google Changed in Text Ads Expansion Test

The new expanded text ads test is conducted by Google because of the rise of mobile user-base. Search queries from the mobile are increasing day by day so Google decided to optimize the ad lengths for the mobile users. Longer ads headline in PPC Ad Campaigns means more message to deliver, more words to write […]

Small Business marketing automation
Marketing Automation

Own a Small Business? Doesn’t Mean That Marketing Automation Software Isn’t For You!

Many small business owners still have a misconception that Marketing Automation Software are only for large scale business. And, due to this block in their mind, they completely ignore the marketing automation software. Let us say once and for all – Marketing Automation is for Everyone! If you run a small-scale business, then these 5 […]