Steps To Optimize Your Website – A SEO Checklist


    As we all know, we are living in a digital world and everything is revolving around the technology.An Internet has become the best source of information, communication and technology.Moreover, everyone relay on the search engine to find out products and companies. It is estimated that about 60% of people use Google search to find companies and over 80% of online searches result in direct sales or in-store visits. Similarly, you also need to optimize your website if you want to show your ranking at the top page. It must be the top priority of every business. Google’s algorithm keeps changing within some interval to offer the best results for their searchers, and, of course and earn as much money from advertising strategy.
    To hire an SEO expert and optimize your website once and forget it about years. No, it’s not working in this way.Your website must be updated regularly to get the desired results. Search Engine Optimization is not a one time process, but it demands maintenance, fine-tuning, and regularly monitoring and testing.Below is a broad four-step process for a strategy for search engine optimization. Use this as your top-level checklist.

    1. Keyword Research : Keyword research is an essential step for search engine optimization. For this purpose, you must know about the landscape and keyword search of your current page. It is not fair, just do this approach once. No, it must be re-evaluated regularly to get the optimal results. As these numbers are changing continuously, so keep yourself up-to-date. According to your industry and location, use Google keyword planner. As a result, this tool will give you the complete information for search terms, how often they are used and analyze competition on those words.Furthermore, you also get help to know, how many relevant keywords are available with lowest competition and high search for your business. Finally, when you identify those terms, write down words for them. Any minor fluctuation for your search keyword may affect on your business. Thus, use these keywords in all of your efforts to optimize your website moving forward.Also,you need to understand where you are now in order to accurately assess your future rankings. As you get more comfortable, check every 30 to 45 days. You should see progress in website traffic, a key indicator of progress for your keywords
    2. Content is King and must write it with keywords :  Content is the fuel for the internet marketing. If you are posting regular content, it will help your website to show up, more searches. Therefore, always keep the keywords in mind when dealing with content. The main motive of the content is to reach people who are looking for it. Always write content using keywords and try to use keywords in the posts and blog often but in a natural way. The main motive of the content is to reach people who are looking for it. You can also read blogs and articles related to the post optimization steps to enhance your ability.Titles based on keyword- help to establish the page theme and direction for your keywords.Meta description tags can influence click-thoughts but aren’t directly used for rankings.
    3. Speed it up : Google has started to give plenty to the slow running websites. So, it is mandatory to keep in mind that your page is always up to speed. Fortunately, it is done with the help of a tool. Google Speed Insights will notify you about the slow speed of your website and it will give you suggestions as well how to make up the speed.It is significant to do this frequently and even follow up on those recommendations. Things you are doing on your websites like posting new content, new products or pages can slow your website down. Obviously, you don’t want to get punished for slow speed as you have no idea about it.
    4. Use Landing Pages : You want that every single one who is visiting your landing pages to keep your keywords in mind. If you’re making a landing page for a fresh product or advertising, try to work on on a keyword that is more significant to your specific product into the title and body copy of the page.A well designed and fully formatted landing page is really helpful to boost traffic on your website. Try to use long-tailed keywords throughout the landing page. On-page SEO checker tool should be used to check the ranking of your website. Design should be attractive, If your content is beneficial, but the design is outdated, the visitor will never visit your website again.Finally, build links from your existing content to your new landing page. Links are huge ranking factor for the google, without quality link, your page will not get a high rank for the searches.If there are multiple keywords you think apply to this promotion or item, then you can focus on the multiple landing page with one keyword for one page. Do this too often, otherwise, it will affect on your website’s speed so be sure to delete under performing landing pages.
    5. Update your title pages : It is an important question that what are page titles of your website? Most of the businesses have the simple page title same as their business name. It is good if your business names are perfectly optimized, but it mostly impossible. Try to add something creative, but don’t forget to include your #1 keyword in it. It must be according to the business title+ top ranked keywords.

    Crux of the Matter
    User friendliness becomes an important factor for the optimization of your website.You will get more visibility, once your website get’s rank in the first page of the google.. It is highly appreciable if you got rank in the first page of the google, because most of the people don’t look at the second page.With these five steps, your website will be reliably giving you ideal outcomes. Make certain to efforts to attain those outcomes, find what works and what doesn’t. SEO is not a game of single day. Your dedication and full concentration will definitely give fruitful results. SEO is necessary to realize the Google that your content is useful and relevant.

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