Some On-demand Mobile App Development Ideas of 2019

We are living in a satellite-era where cabs and other things are just one click away from us. Various kinds of on-demand apps are helpful to the user for the door-to-door delivery.  Uber is the best example, whose on-demand service solution can be used to book a ride.  Once your trip is booked, a driver comes to pick a passenger. These types of the on-demand application are highly popular among the mobile app development companies as these are helpful to grow their business.

There are many other trending app ideas similar to Uber, which are highly beneficial for the businesses and produce good revenue for them. These applications help people to hire their services easily using their smartphones and provide a good start-up with an idea to get more income.  According to the survey, related to the on-demand apps, it is estimated that 2/3 population of the developed nations used these types of application in their daily routine. The top mobile app development company in India is working on these apps to get a better start-up for their future.

What are the On-demand App:

On-demand App is an online platform that smartphones user can use to avail the particular services. All they need an application related to those services.  For instance, on-demand food delivery apps such as Uber Eats, Zomato, and Swiggy are used to order food online and get it delivered at their doorstep. The application allows users to check the menus of different restaurants and order what they like.

Although there are various big brands in the market with excellent and successful ideas it doesn’t mean cannot launch your on-demand app. Your delivery services can also be successful if and only if, you provide better services to your users as compared to your competitors. In this way,  you can establish a successful on-demand delivery business that earns profit for you.

Let’s discuss some of these On-demand app ideas for businesses in 2020:

Uber-Like Taxi apps

No doubt, Uber is one of the most famous examples of the successful business app worldwide. By using this app, people can book a ride.  This app is highly useful to book a  ride online and reach to the destination in a natural way.  Moreover, it also provides a source of the income of the drivers who are working with the Uber.

 best mobile app development company

When we talk about traveling, people search for comfort level at inexpensive prices. For this case, Uber serves the best. Ola is also a big competitor of the Uber in India. You can also launch an Uber-like app in your city or country to start a new business.  Various Uber app development companies that can develop an Uber-like app according to your requirement.

Online Food delivering apps

There are numbers of foodie around us. They can go to the miles to taste to their favorite food. Nowadays, the on-demand app provides the options to the foodie that they can order the delicious at their doorstep without going anywhere else. They can enjoy their favorite delicacies in a comfortable environment. Therefore, a big thank to the food delivery apps. In this way, they get their favorite food without going outside of their home.

Apart from the food supply, this app also gives a chance to the restaurant, a delivery man, and an app owner to earn money and to get employment.

Flower Delivery App

There are numbers of people around the globe who love to give flowers to their loved ones.  So the flower delivery service is the best solution for these types of people. This is also one of the best business to make people more comfortable by providing them online services for their business.

A flower on-demand app would offer the app users to order fresh flowers and get delivered on time.

Grocery App

With an online grocery app, app users can easily order and pay through an app itself.  When you hire the professional team to build an app for this business, you can get more customer with the help of an app.  A local grocery store app will do wonderful work if apt features are integrated into the app with an accuracy keeping in mind the user-experience that engages the people. Big basket is one of the best examples of this type of application. In the future, you can also launch your app like a big basket to get more profit as people always buy grocery at any cost.

Doctor App

The next big thing that you can launch in the market is the app related to health. As we all know, people are unfit these days, and medicines have become an important part of their life. Therefore, it is a  fact that doctor related app will hit the world with great success.  Based on similar lines, more medical institutions and doctors, as well as medical professionals will get more patient-related to health issues.  More people can connect to the doctors through online video conferencing after they book an appointment for online consultation. No doubt, still you can book you appoint in advance to meet your doctor, but it is possible in some of the selected cities only.

Beauty Service App

Beauty services are one of the most demanding services, especially for the ladies.  To make their services easily available, they do connect with on-demand beauty service apps and serving their customers in the best way. On the other side, clients can get a good salon or expert beautician’s service at ease. Competition is low in this field as only, Urbanclap app is launched. If you wish to start a business in this sector, don’t wait and do something big so that you can get good business in this sector as well.

House Cleaning App

Why people love to hire cleaners online if because they know the hassle and tiredness that comes in straight away from the house cleaning job! If you are an agency that has several professional cleaners, you can go ahead and hire a mobile app development company. They will create an app with features like booking calendar, tracking the services, online payment gateway integration, and more.

Medicine Delivery App

It is the most required and demanding app as most of the chemist’s shop are not available all the time. Medicine delivery apps help people order medicines from pharmacies in no time! This is the reason why pharmacies or medical stores are keen on getting medicine delivery app built with the latest technologies integrated into the app. If a pharmacy owner wants to deliver the medicines on the demand of the user of the app, then he should get an app created by the professionals of the mobile app development services.

Handyman App

A handyman is a skilled person who can reach you on time when you are facing any electronic issue or a water pipe gets out of order. Any app user would love to book a handyman visit to their home so that they don’t have to call him to follow up. An app is an easy and interactive way to get things done in the least time possible. On-demand apps have made the lives of the people easier with apps like Uber for Handyman.

Car-wash app

When a person needs a car wash, he can book services easily through on-demand car wash booking app. If you provide these services, you can hire an app development company this for an app with different panels. A needy person can book its appointment, and the service provider will book your appointment, and at that time you can go and wash your car without waiting. There is a car washer panel, a user panel, and an admin panel with some unique features. A pick-up and drop-up facilities can add to this app, but it needs a high level of security for this purpose.

Pest Control App

It is necessary for a place where you live to be free of pests. This makes pest control services an important part of our society. Instead of walking in the neighborhood and ask others about a good pest control company, people today use an on-demand pest control app. Using it, they can hire a service provider for their home and receive satisfactory services.


In this modern era, everyone is looking for the services which are easily available without moving an inch from their comfort zone and ideas for on-demand apps are the best ways to serve these people. Choose a field that you can help the best and grow your business. The best mobile app development company has broad and advance ideas which make your app practical and useful. A business owner can invest smartly into it, to get immense profit.

Moreover, it encompasses something for every kind of business to serve the customers on the plate. If you have new and classy ideas and think over it and consult the best company so that they can make a unique app for your business, people mainly like unusual and creative things so go and launch your app to start your business and get huge profit from these apps.

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