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    Are you looking forward to top software development companies in India to streamline your business software needs?

    If yes, you have reached the right place. We have come up with the top 10 software development companies in India that are skilled and highly experienced in employing software solutions.

    There are several software programs these days that are making the lives of the individual easy and comfortable. No matter which field you talk about, software development solutions provide excellent user experience and assist companies to acquire their online presence and brands reputed.

    Apart from that, software development companies assist brands in every development step starting from strategy to planning to end-to-end development needs. Regarding this, you will be surprised to know that India is the biggest market that has the best software development companies around the globe. 

    It is the reason that companies from worldwide come to India to outsource their projects. But due to the vast market, it becomes challenging to find the best software development partner to make your business stand out. 

    Do not worry! We are here to crack the code. After thorough research, we have compiled a list of the top 10 best software development companies that top in customer satisfaction rate and industry standards. 

    What is a Software Development company?

    A software development company develops and designs custom software applications, tools, and frameworks for businesses by which its problems can be solved and they can achieve their outcome. There are some software development companies in India, but every team or company is different as they work on numerous software and business requirements. 

    Nowadays, software development is a crucial aspect that reduces the overall cost of various things like training, upgrades, and licenses. Apart from that, it also increases the flexibility of the business besides that it also increases the overall value of the business. 

    So, let us get started, and choose the best according to your needs.

    Top 10 Software Development Companies in India 2023

    Top 10 Software Development Companies in India

    1- RichestSoft

    Established Year:2007
    Number of Employees:300+
    Services:Software Development
    Phone Number:+13152104488

    RichestSoft tops the list as a leading and reliable software development company in India that creates customized software to make the brand reputed. It serves clients here and there with various top-notch software development services enriched with advanced technologies and the latest trends.

    RichestSoft software company

    Driven by professional experts, the company delivers full-scale software development solutions with the help of the latest technology – AR/VR, IoT, CRM, AI, Data Science, Blockchain, etc.

    In short, this software development company delivers top-notch quality services in almost every field – Communications, Energy, Education, HiTech, and many more. So, if you are searching for the best software development company that will do the best work within your budget look no further than RichestSoft.


    Established Year:1968
    Number of Employees:509,058
    Services:Software Development
    Phone Number:+91-22-67789595

    TCS, also known as Tata Consultancy Services is a member of Tata Group, one of the topmost multinational software development companies in India. TCS is a global leader in software development solutions with technical expertise and business intelligence. 

    Most individuals think due to its large size, it has become the global leader, but it is not accurate. It is the customer satisfaction and experience that shows or defines the brand. TCS offers premium quality software development services in almost every field with the help of experienced software providers, niche technology developers, and IT infrastructure vendors.

    If you get a chance to look inside the TCS work journey, you will find many things in the form of innovation, contextual knowledge, continual learning, etc., one which makes this company stand out in the crowd. 

    Some of the major clients that are served by TCS are Toys R Us, Deutsche Bank AG, SAP AG, ASML Holding NV, Morgan Stanley, ABN Amro, and the list never ends.

    3- Infosys

    Established Year:1981
    Number of Employees:2,59,619
    Services:Software Development
    Phone Number:+65 6671 2200

    Infosys is one of the finest software development companies in India and delivers high-quality software solutions to businesses. This firm has around 123 development centers and over 82 sales and marketing offices globally. On top of that, it has been in service for 40 years across 50 nations worldwide.

    It caters to a diverse pool of companies that includes information technology, travel, hospitality, healthcare, and financial services. However, if you talk about its key offerings it delivers software development solutions related to digital marketing, user experience, business process automation, education, life science, mining oil and gas, eCommerce, and many more. The dedicated team of professionals who work with the company knows how to steer every client by avoiding countless pitfalls and setbacks while moving on the path.

    Keeping all the info in mind, Infosys is a recipient of the prestigious Brand Finance Awards 2023 as one of the top 3 IT software development solution brands.

    4- IBM

    Established Year:1928
    Number of Employees:288,300
    Services:Software Development
    Phone Number:+918040683000

    The reputed software development company in India called IBM believes in progress that boosts its impact on the global audience. They have a team of professional and dedicated software developers who use the application of science, reason, and intelligence to improve brand visibility. 

    Since its inception, IBM offers top-notch software development services disrupting many industries with its smarter ways of operation. It serves various domains like government, healthcare, insurance, life science, media and entertainment, metals and mining, telecommunications, travel, etc.

    Moreover, it is one of the best software development companies that offer solutions to problems related to skills and education, public health, literacy, language, and culture. So, if you want your brand to be reputable, make IBM your technology partner and take your business to new heights.

    5- Tech Mahindra

    Established Year:1986
    Number of Employees:141,193
    Services:Software Development
    Phone Number:+91-422 4586300

    Another best contender in the list of top software development companies in India is Tech Mahindra. Over the years, it is delivering its IT services in almost every sector – some Fortune 500 companies with over 900 active clients outspread in around 90 nations. 

    Tech Mahindra software company

    Their main motive while offering services is to empower every enterprise, society, and associate to rise above their current situation by delivering customer-centric and innovative digital experiences. 

    You will be happy to know that Tech Mahindra is one of the fastest-growing software development companies that is listed among 15 IT service providers in the world. Furthermore, the Software developers of Tech Mahindra are turning their dreams into reality while using TechM NXT. NOW framework that is designed and developed by their team. 

    Some of the industry sectors where Tech Mahindra delivers innumerable services are Banking, insurance, healthcare life science, Hi-Tech, Travel, Hospitality, Logistics, and many more. So, if you want your business to touch the height of the sky, believe in Tech Mahindra for all your software development needs.

    6- Wipro

    Established Year:1945
    Number of Employees:231,671
    Services:Software Development
    Phone Number:+91(80) 46827999

    Are you looking to collaborate with the most trustworthy and reliable software development company in India? If yes, Wipro is the right choice that has the most talented and professional software developers. On top of that, the professionals who work with Wipro are highly experienced and knowledgeable developers who always offer high-quality software development solutions to every company.

    It is the best company, especially continuing its legacy to provide impeccable customer service and excellent software solutions using cutting-edge technology trends

    Wipro is a brand that is loved by almost every individual who wants to excel in their career in the IT field. The company offers personalized and results-driven software development solutions so that they will fit every client’s marketing objectives. Since its inception, Wipro has been building unrivaled products that fully solve every issue by accelerating growth.

    To enhance your company’s digital journey by leaps and bounds, contact Wipro right away and get in touch with India’s best software developers. 

    7- Accenture

    Established Year:1989
    Number of Employees:738,000
    Services:Software Development
    Phone Number:1(216)672-0266

    Accenture is another premium software development service provider in India that operates essentially on its core values of environmental friendliness. It works with a large workforce of over 537000 employees worldwide at around 200 locations in almost 50 nations to deliver top-notch software development solutions.

    Accenture software company

    The reason for their success is their business strategy which is done legally, responsibly, and with extreme integrity that reflects their core values. Some high-powered giants that have collaborated with Accenture are Oracle, Google, Salesforce, Workday, Adobe, etc.

    Over the years, it has worked and is working across industries while creating value for innumerable clients. While working with Accenture, you will feel a smooth transition that turns into a digital transformation and finally build data-driven software by managing complexity, optimizing operations, and not the least reducing overall costs.

    Due to this work culture, it has earned many prestigious awards and recognitions like, Ethisphere’s World’s Most Ethical Companies for 14 consecutive years, Fortune’s World’s Most Admired Companies: IT Services Category for 8 consecutive years, and many more. 

    8- HCL Technologies

    Established Year:1976
    Number of Employees:166436+
    Services:Software Development
    Phone Number:1020 430 6000

    HCL Technologies is one of the best and top offshore software development companies in India that is helping business innovators to make their dreams come true. Over the years, HCL has been satisfying its clients’ technological and industry-specific needs by empowering their businesses with advanced software solutions through P&P. 

    Moreover, to offer the best software solutions to every client, HCL Technologies gives maximum benefits by integrating its portfolio of products and services into three diverse business units. They are IT and Business Services (ITBS), Engineering and R&D Services (ERS), and Products and Platforms (P&P). 

    9- Cigniti

    Established Year:1998
    Number of Employees:4,100+
    Services:Software Development
    Phone Number:(040) 40382255

    Cigniti Technologies Limited is another best software development company in India that is helping various industries further their digital transformation and become digital-first. It is headquartered in Hyderabad, India owning a team of professional and dedicated software developers to help businesses.

    So, if you want to stay digital and ahead of others, contact Cigniti Technologies Limited for all your software development needs.

    10- Altimetrik India Pvt Ltd

    Established Year:2003
    Number of Employees:5,500+
    Services:Software Development
    Phone Number:(080) 49054793

    Lastly, Altimetrik is the last and best software development company in India, delivering business results with a product-oriented and agile approach. Located in Chennai, this software development company helps businesses to develop, scale, and finally launch their new products into the market within no time.

    Altimetrik India Pvt Ltd software company

    The team of professional and dedicated software developers of the company helps to create a culture of innovation and agility that finally builds new business models to make the business successful. In short, Altimetrik delivers results to many companies without any disturbance in their day-to-day work.


    India is no doubt a hub of the best software development companies that hold outstanding talent and the capability to serve several businesses worldwide. So, if you are looking forward to hiring the best software development company in India, the above list will help you to make the right decision.

    They all are prime software development companies in India that deliver top-notch services. But before you choose anyone, certify to know about their work culture, development approach, and various other vital aspects that fit your business needs.

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