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Social Media Marketing Strategies to Grab for B2B marketing in 2017

When people turned to Social Media Marketing, it was basically for B2C Marketing, but it is not limited to B2C marketing. Social Media Marketing has its way to becoming a potential B2B Marketing Platform. Social Media is where most of the consumers are spending time. Brands use it to build a strong relationship with their customers. Now, if they can build a strong bond with a customer, they can easily build that with a potential business prospect too.

So, gear up with the best you have in Social Media Marketing for 2017. Here are top marketing assets to keep for your social media marketing campaign the coming year.

Ebooks are the heaviest bait with which one can catch potential prospects. They don’t need much investment or the resources for that matter, but they value a lot as they contain detailed information about a company’s website. Collect similar niche blogs and put all of them in one ebook. Once, the content part is done, take help of a designer to have the content well organized in the ebook.

2. Infographics
Next to Ebooks are infographics that highlight the information mixing the textual and visual format. Infographics are used to explain the step by step process, pros or cons of a process, or any statistical data that company wants to deliver.

3. Webinars
Address a variety of audience by arranging a webinar and promoting it via social media. Set a month’s countdown, week’s countdown, day’s countdown to promote it and create anticipation in people.

4. Podcast
At first, only musicians and singers used to have their podcast to showcase their creativity, but now podcast is gaining popularity among the tech gurus who guide people on various on demand topics. The best thing people like about podcast is they can listen to it anytime, anywhere and n number of times.

5. Industry Reports
Industry insights, statistical reports are always full of valuable information that many corporate enthusiasts look for. The facts and figures attract potential industry leads. By posting industry reports regularly, you come in the limelight and set yourself apart from other mediocre ones. It takes time and research to prepare such report. With right reference and information, you can come up with a very helpful report. Industry professionals use such reports to plan out their next move in the market.

6. Reviews Via Social Media
Social Media channels are a great way to request your fans, followers, customers, clients to ask for a review. You can even ask them to review your business on the platform you want. Make full of social media marketing to collect testimonials for your businesses.

7. Video Content
So, the marketers are already saying that Facebook is the new YouTube. The video vault of Facebook is growing day by day. The users have openly accepted Facebook’s video feature as it keeps the users on Facebook. They don’t have to leave their profile to view the video on YouTube, Vimeo or any other source.

Following each of these will keep you updated and in the trending list of your potential prospects. So, kick off your 2017 social media marketing campaign with this 7 samurais and play a win-win social media game right from the beginning of the year.

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