Own a Small Business? Doesn’t Mean That Marketing Automation Software Isn’t For You!


    Many small business owners still have a misconception that Marketing Automation Software are only for large scale business. And, due to this block in their mind, they completely ignore the marketing automation software. Let us say once and for all – Marketing Automation is for Everyone! If you run a small-scale business, then these 5 abilities of Marketing Automation will definitely make you want to switch to an automation software.

    1. Better Customer Interaction
    Unlike manual marketing, Marketing Automation focuses on quality over quantity. Any customer interaction action suggested, implemented under marketing automation is for the quality lead. It changes the audience interaction plan depending upon the stage or phase in which the customer is presently in. That’s what marketers want as it tells the correct location of the customer in the customer lifecycle and the rightful approach for it.

    2. Single Revenue Cycle
    Single revenue cycle for the sales team as well as marketing team gives both the teams better control over the process. Both the teams can judge whether the lead is in the phase of marketing cycle or it has moved up to the sales team. This avoids confusion and make the workflow seamless.

    3. Automation of Time Consuming Tasks
    It’s undeniable that a few tasks from the planning stage till the report reviewing stage are better automated as they consume a lot of time. Automating these tasks will save time as well as allow the people involved to concentrate on other important tasks, which cannot be automated. Tasks such as bulk email sending, running several marketing campaigns, analytical reports, sending Webinar invitations can be automated and Marketing Automation exactly does that, which ultimately increases productivity.

    4. Higher Return On Investment
    Marketing Automation won’t ask for monthly salary. You can subscribe it for 6 months or sign up for a yearly plan. And, in that time, you can earn a lot more than you invested. Even if you wish to change to manual, you can do that after your subscription ends, but trust us! This rarely happens. Once you used the Marketing Automation Software, you would not switch to Manual Marketing.

    5. Support for the Software
    Your Marketing Automation Software will perform to the max only if you or the marketer knows how to run it perfectly and that support is available at RichestSoft that too at an affordable price. Our certified Marketing Automation Consultants can give you a thorough guide of the marketing automation software. If you don’t want a thorough guide tour, then our certified consultants can help you meet the particular challenges you are facing in the software.

    All the above-mentioned points are valid for small-scale, mid-scale and large-scale businesses. So, don’t cloud your decision of choosing marketing automation software even if you are running a small business.

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