Having a Site at All Costs, Is This the Right Solution?


    Since our web agency exists, we have had many times the opportunity to see the pressure that some people inflicted for the creation of their website to ultimately be disappointed with the results. Current standards seem to make the website mandatory for a professional or a company.

    But having a site at all costs is not a little exaggerated?

    Do we really all have to have a website? Here is a good question from a long discussion with someone who wanted “just a small site of 2-3 pages” for his activity. In seeking to know what were her goals with this site, she replied: “be fast on the internet, like everyone else. We can not do otherwise now.”

    This answer (which is very common), makes us aware of the pressure that some put themselves to have “their virtual showcase” by persuading themselves that it is mandatory to be on the web if we want to be known and especially that without a website, no greeting.

    Of course, as a professional web, I should be of the same opinion (otherwise I risk finding myself quickly unemployed) and yet, I think we must qualify this statement:

    Being on the internet, yes, but not doing anything. If it is to do nothing or say nothing about it, it will be absolutely not productive, will not deliver the number of expected customers and therefore will only bring you frustration.

    One can thus ask the question: can anyone get started effectively in the adventure of the web?

    A new era: that of relevant information

    First, remember that a website is not only a global showcase, but also a tool for awareness, sales, exchange, loyalty and many other potential features that you can not neglect the potential.

    Indeed, it is not so long ago that it was enough to have a simple site of presentation. You know, this good old showcase site where it was enough to explain who we are, what we do and offer a simple contact form to receive requests. With that and a few well-chosen keywords, you become the king of oil on the web. But as the ad says, “that was before!” Because in the meantime a giant has developed: Google. And he is expecting a little more than that for his users. He wants the info and the good, relevant, explicit, precise and fresh to satiate his Internet users more and more greedy and capricious. They want to know exactly who you are, what you do, how, where and in addition, they will compare you, test you, track you before deciding to contact you.

    Finished the golden era of intrusive advertising where prospects were so happy to receive an email advertising because someone had their address and thought they were headlong on the proposed site. Now they want to be in control of their decisions and choose whether or not they agree to be solicited. We have entered the era of customer-centric.

    Increasingly demanding visitors

    Your potential visitors are looking for themselves, like big on the web and surf from site to site to find the one who will bring them the long-awaited answer. And for that, it must feed your site, bring water to the mill as they say, because the goal is to be visible on the internet and you know what… you are no longer alone in wanting to get there. So what will make your site more attractive and relevant than another in the eyes of the Google?

    Its content, of course. Whether presenting your products, working on your SEO or improving your conversion, content marketing is one of the best strategies but it takes time, personal investment and resources.

    Your presence on the web must be active because the user expects you to be as present on the web as during your future exchanges. So if you are not ready to invest in a real communication strategy, to animate your site regularly and start a real virtual exchange with your potential visitors via the networks, for example, there is little chance that we find you. And if we find you, will you be credible enough to the eyes of your prospects who may have already visited a dozen competitors. In this case, having a site just to “be on the web” could even serve you more than anything else.

    Your Website: Your Best Commercial

    Finally, at home, we usually say that your best commercial is your site. Indeed, when your visitors find it, they only need a split second to get an idea (good or bad) of the company behind.

    Attention, I’m not implying the end of the commercial. But at a time when canvassing becomes more and more difficult and where your future customers are better and better informed, having a  commercially efficient site is a big advantage, is not it? Your sales teams can focus on consulting, selling value-added products or simply better monitoring.

    Thus, your showcase must be pleasant, welcoming, professional and bring all the answers that prospects are entitled to expect. It’s not enough to say “I’m the best”, you have to prove it. And contrary to what many people tend to believe, the development of the internet does not put the human being in the background. Now, we expect customization, complementary service while being free to shop whenever you want.

    Can everyone embark on the adventure of the web? Yes, and 2 times rather than one.

    But for this to be really effective and make your site one of your best allies, it will have to take care of it, feed it, make it known and evolve. This work takes time, requires reflection, personal or financial investment, and most importantly, to integrate its site into a process of digitalization much larger.

    And there, in my opinion, everyone is not yet ready to integrate all this. So contact us, we, at RichestSoft can offer you a complete web development solution.

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