SEO Strategies For a Rocking 2017 As An SEO Expert


    Search Engine Optimization never stops to surprise us. The moment we think we know everything about SEO, it surprises with the latest trends working in the trade. One Google algorithm update and tables are turned, all the SEO experts are on their toes to learn the best ways to optimize the website as the latest algorithms. As we are 2017 now, our SEO experts have spoken about the best SEO strategies that will rule in 2017. So, every SEO expert must look add these in their SEO strategies. Just for the record, RichestSoft SEO experts have already done that.

    Rich Answers Optimization
    Reaching at the top in Google ranking on specific keyword query is what SEO’s target is. Well, keep that intact in your SEO strategy for 2017, but also add optimization for rich answers. And these go hand in hand. You have to first rank your website well for the query of the keyword, begin your sentences with command words. Write simple, unique, and an easy to understand heading, Use <li>  tags, and keep it simple and sweet.

    Google’s Latest Search Quality Guidelines
    Google’s latest search quality guidelines are prepared on analyzing the search queries generate by the people and these guidelines keep on changing. So, it is an unfinished document as Google senior program manager says “This is not the final version of our rater program.” Google won’t publish the document with every change mentioned in it, but they will publish big changes in the guidelines periodically. So, SEO experts must keep up with Google’s latest search quality guidelines.

    Improving User Engagement
    Algorithm after algorithm, Google has introduced updates to improve the user engagement. Google doesn’t want the website just to satisfy its bot, but also for the user to enjoy the experience or solve the purpose of visiting the website. Seo experts have seen Google’s analytics, they know how important user engagement is to rank a website well.

    Mobile App optimization
    Google’s ‘compulsory responsive website’ update made it clear how seriously it is taking the mobile trend. It has become so big that it made Google change its guidelines. That’s why SEO experts don’t take this SEO strategy lightly. The increase in mobile demand has also resulted in expenses in mobile Ads. Looking forward to it, Google has introduced App indexing to streamline the search results for website and apps. This had made search ranking of apps to fall under Deep Link Category or the App Pack.

    There are other factors for sure. To know the complete list, contact RichestSoft SEO experts.

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