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Today Google changes entirely from how we know it for years. People in SEO field know what changes we are talking about, but the sad thing is still they are following old tactics to rank their site. If you are a newbie or even a person with bit SEO knowledge we recommend you to read below research which is done by SEMrush. It will help you to understand Google better.

SEMrush examined about 600,000 keywords which are ranking on top 100 SERP. Keywords are organized on the based on search volume in below categories:

• 10,0001 monthly searches and above are categorized under Very High.
• 1,001 to 10,000 monthly searches are categorized under High
• 101 to 1,000 monthly searches are categorized under Medium.
• 1 to 100 monthly searches are categorized under Low.

SEMrush determined referring domains, traffic data, and on-page factors. They use the data to find out which kind of SEO ranking factors will work with ranking and here are some gems they found out.


HTTPS affected the search result. If you are planning to have HTTPS for your site, then you will be glad to know that more than 65% of domains which rules in top three positions have HTTPS. They are currently ruling Very High Volume keywords.

Now it is not like you will get an immediate boost if you switch to HTTPS but it will give you a definite boost if you are already ranking for some keywords.


If you are still stuck with completing 300 words for your blogs or articles, then you need to change your strategy right now. SEMrush found out that content length has an amazing correlation with Google rankings. Content which ranked in top 3 positions has 45% longer content that sites which falls in top 20 positions.

So what did you conclude from this? Write long content, right? Well no, actually your primary goal should deliver relevant content which will be useful for visitors. If you stretch the content unnecessarily then it will also impact your site.

The key thing here is if you want to outrank then first analyze the first three site which ruling the keyword. Analyze them and provide some extra from them regarding quantity with quality.


When talking about SEO the first thing which comes in mind is keywords, right? There is no doubt we are still taking it very seriously, and there is nothing wrong in that but what SEMrush found out is really shocking and surprising.

More than 35% of sites which are ranking for high volume keywords didn’t use their primary keyword in their title. Yes, you read it right, this simply indicated that Google is getting smarter. Google algorithms can now better understand context or synonyms. If you are not able to optimize your keyword in the title, then don’t feel sad. Just try to make title which sums up your article in one line. This update will let you play more with the title.

Keyword Anchor Text

This is one of the oldest methods to the rank keyword, but today everything changes. Like above one if you try to pull any keywords using anchor text then Google will catch you immediately. According to SEMrush research, only 8% links have anchor text with keyword that is ranking for Very High Volume keywords. This clearly indicates that anchor text with the keyword is now the old thing. You don’t need to ignore it completely, but you need to take it very seriously and use anchor text in keyword without spamming.

Website Traffic

Now as you know that website traffic affect ranking but as you are getting surprises, one after one surprise still doesn’t end here.

As we know that Google gives importance to traffic which is coming from search result over direct traffic. Well, it is totally opposite. Google is actually giving more importance to direct traffic.

After direct traffic, Google consider factors like bounce rate and page per sessions like factors,


SEMrush found out that high-quality links are still important especially if it is coming from niche and relevant sites. If you have less than 10,000 monthly searches, then it is better to focus on link building because it is the only thing which will boost your ranking.

Hope from today you will change your SEO strategy. If all above things seem too complicated for you, then feel free to hire our professional SEO serviceswho promise you to deliver best SEO practices on your site or blog. If you have any question, then use the below comment box.

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