Salesforce Einstein Artificial Intelligence – The Evolutionary Addition


    Salesforce has a habit of surprising its users and audience with evolutionary introductions to its core software. We were yet not over with Salesforce Lightning and Sales Lightning Bolt, and Salesforce threw another ball in the Party – Salesforce Einstein Artificial Intelligence adding to the personalization and human touch to the automated process.

    Salesforce invested a fortune to bring the first of its kind AI under its shed. It was facing competition from rivals such as Microsoft Corporation and Oracle Corporation. With new players jumping into marketing automation and cloud computing Salesforce got to keep itself above all, and this new edition did exactly that.

    John Ball, the general manager of the AI service, said that Salesforce Einstein will make the digital data handling, cloud computing, and marketing automation more powerful. This change will make Salesforce clientele even more strong than before. With clients generating more data and more information flowing through emails, social media and websites a new tool was needed to analyze every step with the elimination of the human error. Clients now can operate the Salesforce Einstein and tell it which data or part of the information is to be used or not.

    Some of the Artificial Intelligence methods are already in use such as facial recognition on Facebook and photo picking via apps by Google. Now, Salesforce wanted to bring Artificial Intelligence to simplify and speed up the core processes, tasks, and jobs in its software. The AI takes care of the employee end and customer-end processes. Predictive lead scoring, forecasting is now refined to reduce time, cost, and target crucial efforts.

    Not only on marketing process, Salesforce Einstein will also assist in app building process in the app cloud. You have Salesforce lightning and now Salesforce Einstein for app building that’s like icing on the cake.

    More features of the AI will be unveiled at Dreamforce this year. And, RichestSoft will be there. Are you Coming? Fix a meeting with RichestSoft at Dreamforce. Or simply call RichestSoft’s Salesforce Consultants.

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