Sales Vs. Marketing: Understanding the two for your Marketing Automation Executives’ Better Training


    It’s not a new-age debate and still most of the corporate players get confuse with these two terms. As in spoken English, we say ‘sales and marketing’ in one go, which makes it even more confusing. But this doesn’t mean that these two terms are the same. The difference is still there.

    The difference is of putting the food on the table and directly feeding it!

    Both the departments work hand-in-hand, but the concepts on which both work on are different.

    If your Marketing Automation Executives sell your product when they should have marketed it, or if they are marketing your product when they should be selling, they really are proceeding in an unprofessional way in both the cases. The chances of missing the deal are higher when to go proceed this way. That’s why the major Marketing Automation Software such as Marketo, Pardot, Act-On, HubSpot have a marketing and sales funnel where the position of the lead is determined. These softwares tell the Marketing Automation Executives the exact position of the prospect, depending upon which the Marketing Automation Executives prepare their marketing or sales strategy.

    If a person is totally unaware of your product you just can’t pitch your sales message to him. You have to make him aware via marketing. And, if the prospect already knows what your products, then there’s no point of marketing your products to him again and again, His knowledge of the product makes him ready to purchase, so that’s when you pitch sales message.

    Marketing and Sales planning differ as per company’s mission and goals.


    1. Aware the people and the target audience about your products and services
    2. Create Marketing Pitch messages to engage audience
    3. Build Strong Branding campaign
    4. Generate leads for sales
    5. Get feedback from customers
    6. Market research, surveys, community building
    7. Reach your target audience via various marketing and media channels


    1. Follow up leads generated by Marketing team
    2. Build better relationships with generated leads and prospects
    3. Create awareness about the product among the leads
    4. Sales Pitch messages and benefits of buying from them
    5. Close deals
    6. Maintain a steady flow of communication

    If a company is a two-wheeler vehicle and the customer is the rider then it’s one wheel is of Sales and other is of Marketing. Both has to function in a sync for a smoother ride.

    When you train your sales and marketing teams, your must tell them the common and core responsibilities of their respective departments. New employees are likely to make a mistake while dealing with the customers.

    RichestSoft’s Marketing Automation Executives can train your sales and marketing teams to make them aware of their both common and core responsibilities, which would definitely be beneficial for your business growth.

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