Robots Vs. Humans in Marketing Automation


    From soft drink dispenser machines to email sending, robots have taken over humans in a lot of sectors, IT being the most affected. With the introduction of marketing automation in digital marketing age, robots made a strong impact and made their presence felt. Marketo, HubSpot, Act-On, InfusionSoft, Pardot are strongest marketing automation tools in the league.

    Three Major Marketing Areas where Marketing Automation is used are

    Email Marketing Campaigns

    • Updates
    • Order confirmation Emails
    • Order Cancellation Emails
    • Thank You Emails
    • Weekly/Monthly Newsletter Emails

    All these are automated and sent using any email campaigner.

    Social Media Marketing Campaigns
    Auto scheduling of posts, analytics to know which posts and what kind of posts are working all of this is done by your social media marketing automation software.

    CRM Management
    Accounting progress of each prospect in the sales cycle and forecasting is now in the hands of the marketing automation software.

    Now, the latest entry in this segment is AI (Artificial Intelligence)
    We have Salesforce Einstein Artificial Intelligence
    Google’s RankBrain

    So, if the marketing automation is analyzing the data, forecasting the predictions, sending emails, what roles do humans have? Do we have a good scope in future or robots and automation software will take over completely?

    If we can automate something, doesn’t mean we should automate it! It’s more of a bad habit than the mistake of automating everything using marketing automation software.

    If you take out the human connection, human interaction in email marketing, social media marketing then any activity in the campaign is likely to go unnoticed. Our understanding of the emotions can’t be matched by any robot, as of now. Fully automated campaigns sound very boring and don’t have the emotion grabbing power. That’s where humans come in.
    Marketing automation software can suggest you when to publish the post or may be the pitch of the post, but it’s human intelligence that plays with words to create interesting, personal posts and creates two-way communicable process. Here, only human interaction works. That wittiness, that charm, the right tone for your business, no machine can bring that up. Even the customers/clients want another human to understand what they need.

    Automation is applied to only those tasks that are time-consuming and need little human interference. Fully automated email content would do harm than good to your email marketing campaign. Personalization in email messages, social media posts make results in better conversion rate.

    Let your marketing automation software track the data and prepare an analytical report for you. It will also suggest you the weak areas. Working on those weak is your task. So, technology at one hand and personalization on the other; this makes a killer digital marketing strategy.

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