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    Are you planning on having a dedicated website for your business? If yes, then you have taken a good decision. A website is one of the most effective ways to boasting what you are good at. Being a one of the best web development company in India we are sharing our full range of role and functions of our web development process.

    Types of Website

    It is up to client what kind of website he wants. If the client is aware of websites, then he can easily explain his needs, but if he is new to these things, then it is pretty difficult for him to explain what exactly what he wants. Here we are describing types of websites which help you to determine what kind of site is best for you.

    Multi-Page Websites

    As it name clears, multi page websites have a number of pages depending on services. To get information from this kind of site visitor need to click on pages, services, categories, etc. Multi-page websites are mostly preferred by universities, medical institutions, law firms, businesses and more.

    Landing Pages

    If you have only one product to sell, then this is the best kind of website which you can have. In single page your all product details were showed. The user just needs to scroll that’s it. Such kind of sites is majorly focused on click to action buttons like “buy now,” “contact us,” “subscribe” etc.

    Online Shop

    If you have lots of products to sell then nothing is better than an ecommerce site, right? Despite being so many big competitors, we helped many of our clients to earn from their ecommerce site.

    Website Elaboration

    Website Elaboration is one of the major factors in web development and has various components. These components are used in the various phase of website development to achieve different goals.

    Work on Unique Modules

    Modules of a site represents a space in the site where you can easily exchange and enter data apart from it, if needed users can also do the same. Let’s talk about one of the widely used and recognizable modules which are called an online consultant.

    So what does online consultant do? The online consultant generally lets the user give ease of access to chat with the site owner. The problem with an online consultant is every second website uses the same module. We help you to build a different and customizable online consultant who makes your site different from others.

    How about having a bot which handles general queries asked by clients? Sounds, interesting, aren’t? Contact us to know more about it.

    Web Design

    There could be any type of web design, but here the catch is how you are presenting the data and visuals in most simple and sophisticated ways. No doubt flash, animations, sliders, etc. make site good and attractive, but on the other side it will also affect the loading speed and no one like to visit site which takes too long to load, right?

    At RichestSoft we deliver the best web design to the client according to their business needs. Our creative web designers not just follow the trend but make sure that all things they add on-site design are fully SEO optimized so you will get some extra SEO boost.


    While working on web design, we focus on client’s primary goals and then implement the design. Now above of site design, we consider one more thing very seriously which is a brand logo. Yes, logo. A good logo can completely overshadow the design of the site and leave a great impact on visitors mind.

    As we said that we take brand logo very seriously, so we make a separate strategy for it. Our primary goal is to understand the business first, and it’s goals. After this following the trend, we deliver the best to the client.

    So this is how our web development process works. If you have any question then feels free to ask in the comment section.

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