Read These Web Development Blogs to Enhance Your Skills


    No matter whether you are newbie developer or associated with any professional web development company you always need resources from where you can learn new things. Keeping this thing in mind, we are sharing some hand-picked web development blogs which you need to follow in order to enhance your skills. Follow them all without any hesitation.

    1. Six Revisions
    Six Revisions is started as basic web development blog, but it gets finer as time passes. Today it is more than a standard web development blog. Six Revisions continuously post useful tips for web developers and for designers too.

    2. Specky Boy
    Specky Boy love to calls itself as Design Magazine. The publisher of Specky Boy publishes lots of useful web development tips along with many design resources. If you are trying your hands in front-end development, then you can’t afford to miss this blog.

    3. Web Resources Depot
    As you know that the first impression is the last impression. Web Resources Depot purely justifies the statement. It updates amazing content on web development every day. Web developers can keep themselves updated with latest technologies.

    4. Smashing Magazine
    Hope you have heard this name but if you didn’t bookmark it that time then bookmark it now. It is one of the reputed news blogs which is a hub of WordPress, UX designs, graphics, mobile, design, CSS, HTML tips and more.

    5. David Walsh
    Are you feeling comfortable in software development if yes then you need to follow David Walsh blog? He is the person who can help you to teach about JavaScript, CSS, MySQL, jQuery, AJAX, PHP and more.

    6. One Xtra Pixel
    When you visit this blog, you will find more tips on designing rather than web development, but still, we want you to follow it as it publishes some out of the box web development tips. With One Xtra Pixel, you will always up with inspiring content.

    7. PHPied
    How about to get tips from a Facebook engineer? Great isn’t? If you are already excited, then you need to follow Stoyan Stefanov personal blog. He is also a man behind many great books. In his blog, you can find tons of tools, articles, and frameworks which help you to give an initial boost.

    8. Coding Horror
    If coding starts giving you nightmares, then you need to check this blog. Coding Horror is a great resource by Jeff Atwood where you can get to know in-depth knowledge of software engineering apart from it learn from his experiences.

    9. Alex Sexton
    If you are on the way to learning JavaScript, then no one can better help you then Alex Sexton. In his blog, you can understand the JavaScript without much effort. Thanks to his plain and easy to understand writing style. If you are a newbie, then this is a must follow the blog for you.

    10. Paul Irish
    It is not possible that web developers are unaware of Paul Irish. If they really don’t know him, then it is their big loss. Paul Irish is a developer who is known for his tools that he developed to make other developers life easier. By following him, you can improve your workflows.
    Hope you like the list if you have more suggestion then feel free to share with us.

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