PPC Trend: Are you targeting Mobile in 2017?

The stream of innovations is in 2017 were expected. We have so far covered, latest web development trends that are going to shine in the year 2017, SEO strategies for a rocking 2017 as SEO experts, and expected design trends in 2017. You can check our previous blogs for that. Today we will talk about Key PPC Strategy for 2017 i.e. being mobile friendly.
Today’s mobile-first world asks us to make every aspect of our digital marketing requirements configured for mobile devices. And, PPC campaigns are no different. A mobile-friendly website is a must, including our landing pages and our Pay-Per-Click Campaigns optimized for mobile searchers.
If you are unaware whether or not your website, landing pages are optimized for mobile devices, then try this free Google tool to check its mobile-friendliness. Check it there and begin your website and landing page’s optimization for mobile users.
Google is giving preference to the mobile-first strategy. It was expected as Google removed their right rail ads. Now, on Google, the user will have the similar experience accessing any page on phone, laptop, or tablet.
A case study has been conducted exploring the use of the device by the people of a different lifestyle. The parameters set in this study were Search and Buy because PPC if mostly applied when the individuals want to sell their products. Results show that people search on their tablet/laptop and make the purchase of their mobile device as the e-commerce websites offer a discount when the user purchases through an app. And, there were a group of people who search and buy only on their phones.
So, you see the majority of the searchers and buyers are on phone. If they don’t get to see what you are selling, you are likely to lose a great deal.
So, start developing your mobile strategy now
And, to do that start with asking these questions;

  • What’s the percentage of the traffic from mobile devices on your website?
  • What was this percentage last year? Is it growing or declining?
  • Are the other marketing strategies to ensure that you stay on top of the searches regardless of the device?

Once you have the information from these answers, you can start building on your mobile-friendly PPC campaign. The mobile-first strategy will continue to grow. If you don’t take a step towards it now, you are going to get pushed behind. So, start optimizing your PPC campaign for mobile now.
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