Popular Messaging App Trends Which Made Buzz This Year

    Last year was amazing for app industry. According to one of the research done by Global Industry Analysts Inc., the messaging app users will reach to 2.1 billion in 2020. Last year we witnessed things like chatbots and artificial intelligence in the app industry. In these today we are coming up with most popular app trends which are currently. Below trends can change the messaging experience altogether.


    If you’ve used Hike or Google Allo like messengers, then you surely know about what chatbots are. If not then know that when you type anything on Google Allo, it starts suggesting some words which you want to type. Well, it’s an essential feature of chatbots. Now the real task of chatbots comes when you start asking or typing question like which is the best restaurant in London, how to reach New York etc. You will notice that chatbots quickly reply to your questions.

    On earlier stage chatbots can only understand the basic question like how are you, what is your name etc. and reply according to it. These days it is so improved that you won’t feel that you are talking to any chatbot.

    So we are talking about app trends, right? Today many apps are integrated with chatbots, and Google Allo is making best of it. It chatbots has more than 97% accuracy.

    So how chatbots help you? If you have didn’t experience a chat with bots, then you are missing a lot. Chatbots are highly accepted by apps which offer services. It becomes a need too. Now you don’t have to separately Google or talk to customer care executive to get your answer. Just type your query and it will give you an instant solution. There is no doubt that soon you will experience chatbots in all apps.

    Artificial Intelligence

    Have you heard the news that recently Facebook shuts downs it artificial intelligence project? According to sources, both are making their language which is suspicious, so the company decided to shut it down. Talking about chatbots and artificial intelligence then there is not much difference in both of them.

    You can simply understand it that artificial intelligence is much more advanced than chatbots. Chatbots works on the particular set of predefined questions and answers. On the other side, artificial intelligence is much more like a robot which can understand what you are trying to say, understand your feeling, suggest what you need to do, etc.

    Remember JARVIS? Apparently yes, now you know what is artificial intelligence. However, it is an imaginary bot which full form is Just A Rather Very Intelligent System. There is no single doubt that soon we will see and experience something thing.

    Today many companies, engineers, and IT experts are working on it. Above we’ve talked about Google Allo which is the perfect example of artificial intelligence. It is one of the most advanced examples of AI till date. This year it becomes one of the top trends.

    E-commerce Chats and Payments

    Ever give a try to WeChat Messenger app. It is one of the apps which is highly promoted as Indian app but let us tell you that it is a Chinese app which was launched in 2011 and created a buzz. Now the feature which made it in news is its payment system. People can simply make payments to an e-commerce website. This was a unique feature which was never seen in any chat app.

    Inspired from this now Mark Zuckerberg is planning to launch the same featured in WhatsApp. Note that he acquired the WhatsApp by paying whopping $19 billion.

    Advanced Customer Services

    Customer service is one of the most important things which can’t be neglect by any business or service. Now in the field of apps companies need to resolve the problems as soon as possible. If the customer didn’t get the solution, then he is more like to uninstall the app along with leaving a bad review.

    According to recent research, it’s been clear that messaging apps surpassed the social network website in terms of active users. Most of the business is now focusing on messaging apps to promote their products.

    In this businesses need to more focus on customer services. Big houses find expensive to recruit customer care executives instead of this they prefer to rely on bots which can solve the user query in minutes.

    Vocal Base Apps

    The time has gone when you have to type today you can use your voice to get things done. No, we are not talking about voice calls. Today there are apps which allow you to type just by typing apart from it, you can also give apps a command to perform the particular task.

    Till date, Google Now and Apple Siri is one of the best examples of this but because these are integrated with OS it is limited to OS related task. Once opening any app, it will not work further. Now apps are taking it one more step ahead. Now you can also control the functions of the app using your voice without any hassle.

    Chat App vs Social Networking

    Do you know why people are switching to messaging apps rather than social media websites? One of the big reason of this is a smartphone. Nowadays messaging apps are trying to adopt social media feature.

    May be this was earlier sensed by Mark Zuckerberg and that’s why he made a very big on WhatsApp. Mark is working on adding new features which keep it number one messaging app. Apart from him, there are many apps available in the marking which is giving a tough competition to social networking websites.

    So these are the trends which are most talked this year. If you have a business and want to develop an app feature the current trend, then feel free to contact us. We have the best team of android app developers who keep their eyes on trends so we can deliver the best app which gives the best returns to you.

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