Newly Emerged Trends of Web Development for 2017

The internet is available in every aspect of life. It has made the life advanced and helping people ease their task. These days we utilize internet for banking, shopping, reading, doing job and completing such other tasks. All this became possible because of the advantages of web development. In 2016, we enjoyed several new technologies.
Here is new arrivals of web development for 2017. These are some new inventions, which will reshape the old technologies and make more worthwhile:

1. Artificial intelligence: Artificial intelligence is main component of web development. It is responsible for continue development in technology. Several changes have been done in it in the last year. Google DeepMind presented AlphaGo, which beats professional Go player. Like Google, facebook and Microsoft has presented their own AI technologies. These are designed for public use. This technology is already used by several large applications. Web programmers are working to bring some advanced changes in AI development for this year. Soon they will present AI-driven web site creation. For an instance, AI designer just need to ask the clients layout, content and color format and per-programmed formulas will create the website. The functionality of the website will be flexible, thus can be updated anytime.

2. IoT(Internet of things): This is the movement of giving internet connectivity to non-internet- connected objects. These make data transaction easier. These are perfect to get range for kettle to toaster, motors to sensors. No doubt, web developers are not developed such technologies directly, but their skills play vital role in these utilization. We will get some advanced IoT this year.

3. VR(Virtual Reality): This feature is the concept of gaming industry and technology. This technology is coming with new interesting features of gaming world. World’s bast brands like Mozilla and Google are working on APIs to make VR more progressive and advanced. More and more applications are on the way of VR Technologies. In the upcoming moths we will see VR in numerous applications including real estate tours to news coverage.

4. Rails5: In June 2016, we experimented new version of Rails and Rails5. The version of Rails5 still has some features to develop, which can be expected in this year. Here are few features to be developed in this year:
1). Websockets is perfectly in the use with ActionCable. This can create a real time application. The main functionality of this technology is to ease the chat and notification features.
2). Applications’ single page can be created directly with Turbolinks5. It allows full HTML Page to fetch as well as replacing the body. It can work without client side JavaScript.
3. The web programmers has combine the codebase to rails_api. In this way they can create the API in easy way.

Along with above given features, we will see the advantages of Yarn package manager, Static website generators and Angular2. All these technologies are perfect to add some advantages in web development technologies.

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