New Year Resolutions Every Marketer Should Follow

It’s not just a date that’s changing on 1st January 2017. The way internet marketers feel fresh, energetic, and motivated about a new day, a new week, and a new month. The same way they feel about a new year. New challenges, new leads, and not to forget, new resolutions. You must take hold of the things you missed this year, things that could have made you better at management, productive at sales and impressive at marketing.

Here are our best new year resolutions for marketers that can make their professional life better so they can enjoy their personal life to the best.

1. Ride Along With Along:
The search engine marketing or search engine optimization depend on Google guidelines. If the guidelines are updated then old practices might fall black-hat SEO practices. Google also keeps introducing new tools to help marketers better serve the clients and make the process more advanced.
Keeping track of Google’s each update won’t just keep you updated, but also allow you to achieve better results for clients. Clients also appreciate that.

2. Learn the Testing Skills:
Testing is in necessary whilst preparing almost every marketing asset. Emails for email marketing campaigns need testing, landing pages need testing, websites need testing, etc. One must know the best practices that are in trend and generating good results. A new skill added to your inventory would only do good to your career. And, in today’s competitive world, it is a necessity more than just hobby.

3. Develop Your Own Strategy:
We all admit that there’s a lot of supply running over the internet for marketing strategy. And, sadly, most of them are throwing the same set of strategies in front of clients. It’s good that the said set of marketing strategies generate results, but we all the list doesn’t end there. There are still dozens of other marketing strategies out there that still aren’t in our reach. SO, keeping looking for them. Decide today that instead of following an existing strategy, you’ll develop one of your own and make it benchmark for others.

4. Marketing Automation for Time Management:
If one country sleeps another is awake at a different part of the world. There is a constant supply of content and sales pitches that are flowing. To manage all this for 24 hours in just 8 hours work shift, one has to auto schedule and automate those tasks that eat up your valuable time. With the help of marketing automation software, you can make the workflow seamless and manage time better.

5. Move a Step Up in Your Career:
The next could be of executive, sr. executive, marketing head, sales head, manager, sr. manager or starting your own venture and becoming the CEO. If you have plans you are going to start anytime anyway then what’s better than a new year. Resolutions are the best place to start your Biggies, life changing super plans.

And, last but bot the least, DO FOLLOW YOUR RESOLUTIONS

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