Never Leave These 4 Types of Social Media Marketing Tools

Content demand on social media channels is increasing. People look for both quality and quantity and when marketers get multiple projects at the same, they find it difficult to meet the requirements of the clients and audience at the same time.

As the Social Media Marketer, they got to create content, design image, share the content, schedule it, track the success and plan for ahead. In order to get success in social media marketing, interesting content must be created regularly, best practices must be followed. That’s why we brought the list of best tools that can reduce the workload, maintain the quality and you can still produce good results.

1. Scheduling Tool
Facebook has the default option for post scheduling. For all other platforms, you need a third party software or application. Using these tools you can schedule the posts for the whole day. This way you don’t have login the account again and again for posting. This lets you create and post at once.

Most used Auto scheduling tools are
Sprout Social
Agora Pulse

2. Image Tools
A social media post must contain an image, link or video. Posts that only contain text are considered incomplete posts. Without a dedicated designer to design images for you, it is difficult to come up with a new picture for every post. There are many tools available online on which you can create and edit any image and publish it in the post. With the first few tries only, you can learn to work on these tools. As these tools are available for non-designers so they developers have kept them user-friendly and easy.

Some of most famous image editing tools available are…
Google Drawings
Pablo by Buffer
Adobe Post

3. Automation Tool
Automation tools allow you plan ahead for better marketing by allowing forecasting based on the current results. You can also automate replies, comment, messages and data collection. Secondary tasks in social media marketing that are time consuming can be automated. Automation tools can instantly publish a post on twitter when you upload a blog on the website. And, there are other benefits of it too.

Some of the famous Marketing Automation Tools that offer Automation of Social Media marketing Campaigns are…
and more…

4. Content Creation Tools
Coming up with a unique and interesting content piece every day consistently is really hard. Most of the time is spent on choosing the right topic. As a writer, we have to find that motivation spark to write on the full content piece and I don’t enjoy using the spinning tool as it destroys the pleasures. Instead of spinning tools, I recommend using the tools that tell you the trending topics of the day so you can write a content related to that. Writing on the trending topic ranks the content easily.

Tools that tell about the trending content for the day are…

I hope these tools will help you with your social media marketing projects. They did help us!

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