Must Include Features & Best Platforms for an Ecommerce Website

The Ecommerce website features we will discuss today are not so uncommon, but still, the developers miss it in the ecommerce website development process. We can say this by looking at some of the ecommerce websites currently in operation. They lack the basic features that make visitors stay on the page for a long time. Chances of the visitor to buy something from the website increase when the visitor stays on the website for long.

1. Easy Filters

Each product in its class comes in different sizes, colors, price, etc. Products that are similar in price range, size or color must be kept in separate categories. New categories are developed as new products are introduced. Putting easy filters on your ecommerce website will ease the process of finding the right product for the user. Your ecommerce website development is incomplete without the filter feature.

2. Visitor shouldn’t have to search for the Search Box

The point title says it all. A search box helps the visitors to directly go for the right product they want. And, the placement of the search box on your ecommerce website must be in the line of sight of the visitor. It defeats the purpose of having a search box on the website, if the visitor has to search for the search box itself.

3. Stock Availability

Have this functionality on your ecommerce website in the filters section. So, when the user searches any product, he/she can navigate through only those products that are in stock. You can add another feature on the products page that is out of stock. Tell your ecommerce website development company to put a plugin on the page with text “notify me when the product is available”. This gives your visitor a way to purchase the product from your website only. He might wait for the product and buy from your ecommerce website.

4. Product Photographs

Every buyer wants to see the products before paying for them. A website that puts product photographs from every angle has more chances to sell those products than those websites that don’t put photographs. You must give all the real photographs of the products to your ecommerce website development company so they can upload them in the right place. And, as a website owner, it becomes your responsibility to deliver the exact product that is shown in the product.

5. Safe & Secure Transaction

Ordering/booking is your ecommerce website’s goal. If the user finds the transaction process unsafe or complex, he/she will feel reluctant to pay on your website. Tell your ecommerce development company to design a simple and secure gateway for the payment transaction.

6. Bread Crumb Navigation

Breadcrumb navigation tells the visitor from which link he/she has come here. This allows easy tracking of the search items or pages.

7. Exact Price

This has seen on my ecommerce websites that price displayed alongside the product is low and when the user books the order, they add charges, it sometimes turns the user off. You must mention the final price with the product picture. If not the product picture, then at least the options that can increase the price such as delivery methods, shipping charges, etc.

8. Products Review

These are the additional bonuses to your website’s reputation only if the reviews are good. But, for this, you have to reach your previous customers and ask for the review. Tell them to share their experience, but if they receive any faulty product, the reviews work against the product. People may not buy that product.

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Best Platforms for an Ecommerce Website

When it comes to Best ecommerce platforms, Shopify, Magento, WordPress, OpenCart, OsCommerce all have their benefits of their own. Each has its own features, pros, and cons. Read about each ecommerce platform here. The best part is that RichestSoft ecommerce website developers have worked on all the platforms and built a complete website, custom plugins and ecommerce apps for the clients

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