How Much Does an SEO Benefit Cost?


    The price of an SEO service is probably one of the most important questions for a customer. It can sometimes be difficult to navigate as prices can vary from provider to provider. What is expensive in an SEO service and how can there be such large price differences? Here are all the answers.

    The Main Cost in SEO: Tthe Human Factor

    The compensation of an SEO expert is what constitutes the biggest cost of an SEO service. Natural referencing is a technical discipline that requires time and it usually takes several months before you can see the results of optimizing a site. Apart from some tools that will be useful to the SEO, there are few ancillary expenses to provide during an SEO service. The amount of work can be very important when you know that Google analyzes a website for more than 200 different factors. In addition to the time needed to set up the foundation of the digital strategy to adopt, we must give time to Google – or other search engines, but it is generally referred to as Google referencing because it accumulates 95% of searches carried out in France – to get an idea of the quality of a website. Do not neglect the Google updates (several hundred a year) that sometimes change the rules.

    To manage its referencing internally, it is necessary to envisage a budget which can be consequent. Indeed, several profiles will be necessary to carry out your SEO (SEO expert, web developer, server administrator. It will, therefore, be necessary to think about the remuneration of this workforce and the price of the licenses of the professional software used.

    Applying to an SEO agency can afford the services of an expert who will allocate time to optimize your website. The cost per day of an agency will largely determine the cost of a service. To know the number of working days necessary for your SEO, it is better to directly ask for an SEO audit.

    Google Listing Price: All Factors

    Not to mention the options that can come in addition to an SEO service, there are two main variables that will impact the cost of a service within the same agency.

    Your Website

    The cost of a service will depend firstly on the size of your website. A site of 15 pages will be much faster and less complex to optimize than a site of 100, 1000 or 10,000 pages. The cost will also depend on the nature of your site. It is indeed more complicated and time-consuming to optimize an e-commerce site, with all the product pages, the categories pages, than a traditional website showcase.

    Your Sector of Activity

    The second variable that can drastically change the price of your SEO on Google is your industry. The competition is reflected in the results of research. There are very competitive sectors of activity on which it is very difficult to position oneself well. Getting to the front page on certain terms can be very complicated. For these, it will therefore be necessary to deploy more resources to optimize the website.

    Other Variables

    When drawing up the final invoice, an SEO agency will take into account different variables, namely:

    • Your situation: Where are you now?
    • Your goals: To where do you want to go in the short, medium and long term?
    • Chronology: How fast do you want to improve?

    Only by looking at these three elements can any agency calculate how much SEO should cost for your business.

    Case study

    Current situation

    A local business site is currently ranked 12th for its main target keyword:

    • Competitors on the first page have better netlinking, ie more inbound links or backlinks and higher authority metrics.
    • Competitors have invested in their content strategy.

    Goals to reach

    With this information, certain parameters can be determined:

    • An approximate number of incoming links (internal and external links) to obtain
    • An idea of the amount of work required for on-site optimization
    • A rough schedule to achieve this

    By analyzing a customer’s current situation, understanding its objectives and determining the time required, we can calculate a price. There are a lot of variables here, and we do not always know what our competitors are doing, but we have to try to calculate the level of work required and the price that comes with it.

    And of course, the industry will partly determine the costs. If you earn $ 100 from a new customer, you can expect to pay less for your SEO optimization than if a customer is worth several thousand dollars. To some extent, the market regulates prices (assuming the job is done well). Everything revolves around the return on investment.

    The last price-setting variable for your Google referencing is maintaining and maintaining your website in flight once visibility is reached. SEO is a moving target. You speed up your game, but the competition is sometimes the same. This is why the best approaches must be adapted to the unique situation and the objectives of the company.

    SEO Price: Low Cost + Quality Does not Exist

    We offer you any type of rate for the optimization of your site? Make sure you are dealing with a  trusted SEO provider.

    When comparing the price of Google referencing from one agency to another, prices can range from a few hundred USD a year to more than 5000 $. How is it possible? Very simply, the so-called low cost agencies will do surface work and sometimes in violation of Google’s guidelines. The writing of your texts and the optimization of your site will, for example, be relocated abroad, where the time management is at a derisory cost. Prohibited techniques such as mass creation of links will be put in place to get you fast results but not sustainable because your site will then risk at all times the worst for a website, namely a Google penalty.

    Time management is the main adjustment variable. So there are no secrets. A service performed by an SEO expert based in France will have a certain cost, but lasting results. A low cost service will be relocated, will have a lower quality level and will be potentially dangerous in the long term for your site.

    But how much does it cost this SEO benefit in the end? You will understand, difficult to give a price range for the SEO of your site as the parameters are specific to each agency and each project. What is certain is that in SEO we are on long services (generally year-round) at least in thousands of euros.

    The easiest way to get an idea is to ask Our SEO agent directly for an SEO audit.

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