Mobile App Development Trends In 2021

    Various factors impact mobile app trends, such that technology advancements and consumer demands. The most crucial aspect of success in this space is staying up to date with the latest trends. Mobile app resellers need to continue with new trends to better supply their clients. At the moment, everyone has a mobile phone and wants to use many applications for a better experience. And that is the reason why mobile app development competition has been increasing rapidly.

    If you want to grow in a competitive environment, you need to follow some new mobile app development trends in 2021. The top mobile app development companies, India know the latest trends and help you to beat your competitors. Here are some latest trends of mobile app development:

    Internet of Things (IoT) App Integration

    The internet of things is far away from a new concept. Across a wide range of sectors and categories, the rise in mobile penetration has created nonstop opportunities for the internet of things (IoT). To improve their everyday life, people have grown comfortable using technology. The internet of things illustrates the rising network of devices linked to the internet, providing convenience and automated control to consumers. The perfect example of the rise in the Internet of things and mobile app development is smart home technology.

    A mobile application can be used to adjust the thermostat in a house from a remote site, lock or unlock a face door, and attach it to home security systems. Mobile apps can also be connected with refrigerators and other household appliances. In 2021, there are three specific markets household devices, automobiles, and healthcare that are in mind. I hope to see more mobile app development with the internet of things.

    Applications for Foldable Devices

    Mobile phones have changed over the last decade. Nowadays, Smartphones (fully touch screens) are available in the market, with one or no button. Many years ago, mobile phones with keypad and foldable were most popular, everyone likes them. But currently, foldable devices have begun making a comeback.

    In 2019, many companies had launched many foldable devices such that the Samsung galaxy, the new Motorola Razr, and the Huawei Mate X. User can fold to compress or expand the screen size of these foldable smartphones. For instance, a user can take a call with the folded device, but a user can watch a video on a large screen without a folded device.

    From an app development viewpoint, resellers and content makers need to version for these devices when making or updating an app. According to figures, in 2019, approximately 3.2 million foldable phones were shipped and this forecast is increasing rapidly. For foldable phones, 2021 can be a huge year which means app developers should plan accordingly.

    5G Technology

    The major impact of 5G technologies will be on 2021 app trends. This technology is poised to change the way apps are used and created for developers, resellers, and content makers. The speed and efficiency of smartphones and applications will be improved. A recent study shows that 2021 will have around 3.5 times more 5G connections than 2020 and every year, these connections will grow rapidly.

    5G will be up to 100 times faster than 4G, depending on the mobile phone network operator. 5G technology’s access will at last boost the functionality of mobile applications. App developers can add new features in apps without negatively impacting the app’s performance. During the testing and development stages of making an app, should also use 5G network speed to app developers. 5G technology gives more options to app developers to create top-class applications.

    Development for Wearable Devices

    Wearable technology has been trending in the air for years now as well. We have been seeing smartwatches, trackers, and fitness bands. It is not essentially a breakthrough in the market. At the moment demand for wearable devices is increasing rapidly. A recent study shows the demand for wearable devices is growing very fast as such times keep ongoing. In 2019, Apple announced wearable devices and app integration.

    The new watchOS 6 has been brought to the apple app store in the apple watch. Independent apps are making particularly for these devices. It will create a massive opportunity for content creators and app resellers. In 2021, users can do download thousands of apps directly from their wrist since with wearable devices many mobile apps will be made at that time. In this category, the coming years will be progressive.

    Beacon Technology

    It has been embraced by a broad range of industries. Beacons can add advanced functionality to nearly any mobile app, from retail to healthcare and hospitality. In 2013, the first mobile app beacons were developed. But over the last few years, major improvements have been made to this technology. Through an example, you can better understand that how beacons work with mobile apps. Suppose, you are a mobile app reseller that makes apps for retailers.

    Your clients can install beacons in their stores that attach with a smartphone of a user via Bluetooth, for connection the app should be on their device. When a user overtakes by a beacon, they can be immediately notified in relation to a sale or special on products in that store. Proximity marketing is the main benefit of beacon technology. In 2021, this technology will improve the customer experience within a mobile app.

    Mobile Commerce

    Without mobile commerce, the list of 2021 app trends can’t complete. Domination of this trend is continuing from 2019 and it will maintain in 2021. There is a plethora of money to be made in this space, from large retailers to human being content creators and personal brands. It is top-quality for mobile app resellers to showcase during client pitches. Nowadays, every single person and business selling online is challenging with enormous such that Amazon.

    You need to repeat that makes brands so successful, that your app will be at the top of that list. Apps are playing a noteworthy role in the present and future success of mobile commerce. Many people give preference to the online platform when they do shopping. So, 2021 will be a huge year for e-commerce app development. You should try this trend in 2021.

    Artificial intelligence (AI)

    Both artificial intelligence and machine learning go through mobile app development. But we need to learn that how these advanced technologies (AI and machine learning) can be used. If we think about artificial intelligence then virtual assistants such as Siri or Alexa come to mind. Though the utilized cases go far and beyond this for app development. There are some examples of artificial intelligence features that can be executed into a mobile app.

    Such that image recognition, face detection, text and image classifications, sentiment recognition and classification, speech recognition, and predictive maintenance. Artificial intelligence can improve the performance of apps and make apps smarter because AI has extraordinary computing power; it takes less time to execute tasks and takes fewer resources. At the present time, the artificial intelligence trend is increasing rapidly.

    Mobile Wallets

    We have already discussed e-commerce for app development. After online shopping, many people pay by using their mobile devices through mobile wallets. Such that Apple pay, Google Play, and Amazon pay are trending upward. In 2019, according to a report, there was $6.1 billion worth of transactions from mobile wallets. And this is rising speedily. Mobile wallets should be taken into consideration for app development in 2021.

    Mobile wallet has become an essential thing for those persons who are using the mobile wallet for every transaction. It should become an ordinary feature for every single app that does the transaction. These mobile wallets people can use in various places such that during online shopping, in a market, to pay fees of school, college, and gym, for mobile phone’s recharge, and more. Through these examples, we can imagine that how important is the mobile wallet. So, this trend is continuously growing in 2021 and will do upcoming years.

    Augmented reality (AR)

    In 2021, augmented reality will continue trending upward. For a broad range of use cases, mobile apps can use augmented reality. For example, L’Oreal Paris uses augmented reality for their style my hair application. This app shows dissimilar hairstyles and colors directly to the user by using AR technology. By using AR technology, L’Oreal has made a makeup app to see what makeup looks like on the user’s face. Even Google maps described a feature known as “Live view”.

    In live view, the user can see turn by turn directions in real-time. The app can figure out the exact location of a user by positioning the device’s camera at buildings and street signs. These examples aren’t sufficient; there are several other ways to use AR in mobile apps. For content makers, augmented reality adaption is a top app development trend. You can use this technology to do create something in 2021.


    Chatbots are not a new trend, these are using for more than a decade. Nowadays, their demand is increasing rapidly. Over the years, chatbots have developed and become much more advanced. Due to user’s demand chatbots on websites are increasing in popularity. It has developed into the new standard of consumer service. Millions of apps are available on the apple app store and Google play store but a few apps are with chatbots. But at the present time, apps with chatbots are growing continuously. Because chatbots are driven by AI technology, their reactions are becoming more human-like. The global chatbots market is increasing by 24% every year. It’s expected that it will be growing continually in upcoming years. For this to occur, chatbots require to enter the mobile app development market. You should work on this trend in 2021.

    Superior App Security

    Everyone wants to be safe from harm in this technology environment. Nobody is protected, from singular content makers to multi-billion dollar enterprises. A recent study shows, more than 60% of frauds begin from mobile devices and many of them come from mobile applications. From an application development viewpoint, when you think about securing the app then you can’t take any shortcuts.

    If you are an app reseller then the security of apps should be the top priority for your clients. However, application users are well aware of security risks. People think twice when they are sharing their passwords or providing the sensitive information to a third party, such as application developers. App developers are starting to implement features such that sign in with Gmail ID and Facebook ID to mobile applications. Rather than forcing app users to fill out form fields, they can simply sign in with their Gmail ID or make an account. These accounts will protect your apps and they won’t track the activity.

    Predictive Analytics

    By forcing technology for machine learning, artificial intelligence, data mining, and modeling, predictive analytics can forecast events using data. Techs enormous have been forcing predictive analytics for years now. For instance, many platforms such that Netflix and Amazon prime video offer TV shows and movie suggestions based on what users have previously watched.

    For a broad range of mobile apps, predictive analytics will be executed on a more mainstream level in 2021. To enhance the UI/UX with an application will be the main intention. No two users will have the same experience with an application. From the actions and behavior history of the user, product suggestions and preferences will be presented.

    On-Demand Mobile Apps

    In 2021, on-demand mobile app development is trending. Users spend extremely money per year using on-demand services. Through on-demand mobile apps, your agency can achieve a top position in the industry. There are many examples of how applications can transform the on-demand industry. Such that Laundry service, doctors on-demand, virtual tutors and coaches, food delivery, house cleaning, maintenance services, fitness on-demand, pet care, and barber and beauty salon. Your clients can add extra functionality to their apps, by forcing on-demand potentials. The on-demand trend is increasing rapidly for many years. In that, app developers will get many benefits. You should try this on-demand mobile app trend in 2021.

    Cloud Computing Integration

    Cloud computing has a broad range of possibilities for mobile apps development. From the user’s end, cloud storage technology can improve the performance of mobile applications. Applications can store data and carry out tasks on the cloud, the same as opposed to storing information directly on the user’s device. It has also a cost-effective development solution. If your company is making business applications then cloud computing integration will surely do help you. In 2021, you have to keep an eye on cloud computing trends.

    Instant Apps

    A few years ago, android instant applications launched. But in 2021, its usage and development are rising. To improve developer’s app discovery, android studio permits app developers to build instant application experiences. Without installing the app, users can try the app by click on the “try now” button. When you open the Google play store to install the app, you will be seen two buttons (try now and install) under the application.

    It isn’t necessary; it will be a full version of the application because instant apps have size limitations. But these restrictions can adjust in the upcoming years. Application users want the best experience. Users use an app without installing it is a great way to give them this. Many mobile apps were able to increase conversion by launching an instant app. And much of their whole android traffic comes from the instant app. In 2021, if your agency is developing apps for the Google play store then you need to have an instant version. It will do help you to grow your agency or company. You should follow the instant apps trend in 2021.

    Final words

    Mobile app development is gradually changing. At present, if you are making apps using information from three or four years ago then you can’t be able to stay competitive. When you will do build an app, you don’t need to execute all single trends into each app. But you need to understand that how the market is shifting, accordingly you can adjust trends.

    All these mobile app trends are helping you in 2021. Consult the best mobile app development companies in India to get the best and latest solutions. If you have any queries about these mobile app trends, you can ask us in the comment section. We will surely answer your questions. And if you want to suggest to us more new trends then you also can tell us in the comment section and we will try to add your idea in our upcoming blog.

    To get some interesting facts and the latest update about mobile apps technologies, get in touch with us.

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