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    A good marketer can sell ice to Eskimos. Apart from the negotiation skills, every marketer needs to show meat on the table to showcase to the buyer. In digital marketing, the meat is the websiteDigital. And, the website runs on the content management systems. CMS is your tool to present the content you want to showcase the way you want. If you are using Marketo, you get ample amount of good Content management systems integrated with Marketo that give you the lead you need in the competitive world.

    Your choice of content management system can make or break your marketing campaigns. So, choose wisely, market well. We will discuss today the best CMS platform integrated with Marketo.

    1. Acquia
    Acquia offers organization products/services and support for Drupal. Drupal is an open-source web content management platform. Drupal allows companies to create and deliver customized content across the web and various social media channels. The flexibility in content structure and shaping that Drupal offers is critical for better deliverance. More than 1.5 million websites use Drupal CMS and having a Content Management System of this kind integrated with Marketo gives you a head start in the competition.
    Acquia can be integrated to Marketo by adding the Munchkin Javascript via the Drupal theme. You can even integrate Marketo user profiles with Drupal user profiles.

    2. Episerver Digital Experience Cloud
    Your content representation can bring your potential customers close to you and Episerver built their Content Management System with that thought. It creates, manages and optimizes the overall digital experience for the user.

    • Live creation of the content and view how end user will view it.
    • Check your content’s view on multiple devices with one click.
    • Drag and Drop functionality to insert videos, rich media, form and other elements on the page.
    • Easy layout management saves time.
    • Show prioritized information first. Personalize blocks and pages.
    • Search term suggestions.
    • Episerver’s CMS integration with Marketo pumped up their bull in the bullfight.

    3. Elcom Enterprise Web Content Management
    Elcom introduces it Content Management System as the enterprise Web Content Management System that offers multiple opportunities that streamline your Campaign Management, Lead Generation & Nurturing with Elcom CMS.

    Synchronize Marketo Community Data to target the personalized content to the targeted campaign members. Campaign members are set on the parameters of Time Spent on the Page, Pages visited and Downloads.

    Integrate Elcom CMS with Marketo’s landing Page functionality. It also offers data syncing from the contact details filled in the form, captured user activity, and other user activity that helps in better lead management and nurturing.

    If you need any assistance in integrating any CMS with Marketo, feel free to contact us. Our Marketo Consultants will guide you thoroughly right from the setup process to the optimization for better performance.

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