Marketo Email Editor 2.0 Overview

    If you are already using Marketo’s Email Editor, it’s time to upgrade it as Marketo has rolled out it’s latest Email Editor 2.0 that is loaded with new marketing automation features. Let’s do deep into the genetics of the new Marketo Email Editor 2.0. and learn about email editing tools, email template and email insights reporting tools etc.

    Email Template Picker
    Give a warm welcome to the complete set of customizable responsive email templates integrated to your Core Marketo. Marketo has made this easily available to use and integrate. The easiest way to display the templates is in the thumbnail manner and Market just did that. Right at the first stage of your email creation, you get access to the responsive email templates in the thumbnail format on your screen.


    Note: If you have purchased email templates previously and wish to continue with those, you can do that. Old templates are still available in the same place.

    Email Editing Makeover
    A much-needed makeover, I must say! The old Marketo Editor was cumbersome to use. But this completely changed look of Marketo Email Editor 2.0 changed the user-friendliness too for the better. And just on the right side of the email editor, there is a section for module and content. And, what an easy way to add modules to your email! Just Drag and Drop.





    Wordpress has this, blogger has this for the blogs, Now Marketo Email Editor 2.0 has it. The simple HTML/TEXT switch to edit the respective versions of the email.



    Image Uploading
    Image uploading in the previous version of Marketo Email Editor involved multiple steps and was a lengthy step. In Marketo Email editor 2.0 one can easily upload images from your device or grab it from the web directly to the emails. Another win for Marketo with this update.

    Sliding Email Header
    The sliding email header that hides on the top of the screen gives you more screen space for easier editing. Once done with the editing, you can bring it back in just one click.




    Preview the changes you have done in your emails before implementing it.
    The Fun Part: You can preview for Desktop as well as Mobile Version.
    If you have set custom settings for a specific person in your contact. You can see the email preview from that particular person’s end too. You don’t have to send that to yourself first.





    Email Preheader
    In the ‘Email Settings’ add the Preheader. A Preheader is a short summarized text that appears after the subject line when emails are opened in the inbox.


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