List of Best Apps in Marketo Picked by Sales Reps


    Whatever we do in business, its Marketing always comes first. It has been recognized as a leader in the industry. Third party apps help sales team to understand and interact with the hottest leads and give them the best opportunities for smart selling. It helps you to transfigure digital marketing with constant product, innovation, and even a robust partner ecosystem.

    Marketers just speak the language we speak. Apps are the game changer consider it being a sales app or marketing app, or developers’ app. Sales reps need many tools in this field such as great looking e-catalogs and even route planning.

    Sales apps link the sales company’s ERP system to identify the items and quantities which are available in the stock. The mobile app offers you an easy way of marketing which is very easy to use and items can be added to orders with a single click. A buyer in return gets an enhanced customer experience and makes the sales job easier.

    Benefits of having sales app:

    • Helps in accessing additional resources.
    • Sales conversation doesn’t get limited to a single place.
    • Sales material can be stored in a little piece like presentation, catalogs, photographs, and videos.
    • Sharing the screen with customer starts a good relationship

    Now let’s look at some apps which are required by every sales representative on his/her phone:
    Sales reps are always on a constant go, like they are in a meeting, with a client, running to a team training or flying out for a presentation. At that moment, mobile access to sales apps becomes a necessity.

    Except for company software, they can also go for downloading productivity, educational travel or some useful apps to optimize their time.

    Some such favorite apps were chosen in Marketo by the sales rep, which eases their day to day sales tasks are:

    1. EVERNOTE: If you forget to add a title, Evernote enables you to tag notes by location by easily placing a memo.

    2. DRAGON: If you don’t prefer written notes, you could even translate voice memos into text with the help of the dragon. This can even happen for text messages and emails.

    3. SLACK: You want to keep in touch with your colleagues or clients, go for this handy chat app.

    4. CAMCARD: There are a number of business cards sales representatives need to carry but have you ever thought of what will happen if they ever forget it. Camcard digitizes business cards in a form of simple photo and saves the information to mobile contacts.

    5. KEYNOTE: Keynote- an app to unleash your creative artistry where you need not pull out your laptop.

    6. MOBILE CRM APP: Get the associated app to that of the CRM used by your company. You need not worry about updating CRM on your PC after a tiring day. You only need to pull out your phone and add info.

    7. DROPBOX: Send large files without an error “this file is too large to send”.

    8. E-SIGNATURE APP: Use an e-signature system like Docusign, Adobe ecosign to download a mobile app which allows you to sign anywhere.

    9. CLOSE THE SCALE: When your buyer is ready to sign, one final nudge is required. This app contains video tips on closing the sale virtually in any situation.

    10. DOC SCAN: Snap a picture and get a PDF or JPG file in return.

    With more than 1000 sales apps pre-integrated to extend the power of Marketo, these apps have the additional tools for best marketing.

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