Lead Management Challenges & How to Overcome Them


    Challenges are a part of every novel process adopted for evolutionary advantage in technological applications. Lead management through marketing automation software is such process where companies are facing. As the clients’ demand for the marketing automation consultants for specific services, we have listed top 5 challenges that clients face and hire marketing automation consultants for.

    1.Grabbing Audience’s Attention through Content Offer
    Companies fail in grabbing their audience’s attention because of two reasons
    a. They don’t set their target audience
    b. Limited buyer persona metrics
    Setting the target audience and preparing their buyer persona goes side by side. And, by persona, we not only mean the name, occupation, location, age, height, and social connections. Buyer persona goes beyond that, you need to know what’s important for a particular person, why they buy what they buy, how they make the buying decision, where to look for more such leads and other information that takes your marketing to the right track. All the marketing automation software consultants encourage the marketers to make the marketing plan on the basis of buyer persona.

    2.Number of Resources for Lead Generation
    Trying to do all by yourself? Not good for the long run! Lead Management is not one man’s game. You can go with the idea “I will do this when I get time, I will write content for the whole week in one day”. You need a good marketing automation software operator, a good content writer, social media marketing, email marketing expert. To put it in simple words, you need right people for the right job for smooth lead management process. Quality multiple resources are worth the investment.

    3. Scoring & Reporting Lead Generating Success
    A marketer’s work doesn’t end when the deal is locked. From where the client came from, from where the maximum leads are coming, how many leads are qualifying, how many are getting converted, etc. must not be ignored. All the marketing automation software offer good analytical reporting and measurement. It’s marketer’s job to keep a regular check on those reports.

    Top marketers check lead’s progress at each stage, content offer for each of the prospects, best channels, etc. By this, they know the best practices that are generating good results.

    4.Infrastructure to Meet Lead’s Requirements on Time
    The quality of your content offer increases the chances of grabbing a high-quality lead. You, as a company, need to have enough infrastructure to meet all the requirements your lead demands. What most companies do is make fake promises in their content offer and later on fail to fulfill their client’s demands. A company should be technologically sound for meeting client’s requirements.

    Challenges are inevitable and companies that know how to tackle them surpass their competition. Our Marketing Automation Consultants can assist you in meeting the challenges and make your lead management seamless.

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