Latest Android Oreo Features Which You Don’t Want To Miss


    A few days back Google launched Android 8.0 Oreo. As you know that Google names its Android version on the name of Different desserts and this time, also it follows the same. In the new version, some features impressed us like auto-fill, PiP, custom notifications, smart text selection and more. Today we will tell you some of the best highlights of Android Oreo. We have tested the latest update on Google Pixel.


    If you are a true Android lover and knows everything about it, then you will love the latest update. If you get a chance to get hands on Android Oreo update, then one major thing which you will notice is its performance which we obviously feel.

    Earlier boot took some time in Pixel, but after the update, it boots immediately in seconds. This is one of the remarkable features which impressed us. We sense this speed in apps too. Now it takes less time to open as a new update has auto cache removal feature.

    That’s not it to boost the performance Google added “wise limits” features to Android Orea which works with location and apps it runs in the background before execution of app. It automatically clears the memory which saves the battery life. Now, do we need to say that new update comes with the battery enhancement feature?

    PiP (Picture in Picture)

    May be it will take you a while to notice the performance improvements but don’t worry meanwhile you can enjoy some of its noted features. The new update boasts up with PiP (Picture in Picture) feature, so exactly what is this.

    PiP is the new feature which enhances the multitasking feature. It works perfectly with the video. Suppose you are watching a video and suddenly a message or email pop up which you need to reply immediately so in this case you obviously minimize the video, right. But PiP features you can simply reply to your message or email while watching the video.

    A video will hover over your screen, and without compromising it, you can continue with your other task. May be you’ve used this kind of feature earlier with the help of an app, but as it is now officially integrated with Android Oreo, it will give you better performance.

    Badges, Notification Shades, and Other Controls

    Here comes another pleasing feature. Notifications are redesigned and have a new appealing color scheme. You will see them in option with media apps like YouTube and Play Music. So is it useful? Yes, may be when you have lots of notification this will simply highlight the streaming apps.

    Now coming to notification badges which look like iOS notification dots. After swapping all notification without opening it, you may need to check every app so you can have a look on all missed notifications. Well, this features saves your time, it will show you dots over the app you can know what to check.

    When you are in the meeting or any important discussion, you don’t want that notifications force you to check the phone. Earlier you may keep your phone silent or switch off, but now Android Oreo has better and smart option.

    Apart from alarm snooze option is introduced to notifications too. You can snooze notifications for 15 minutes, 30 minutes, 1 hour or 2 hours. By default, it has 1 hour of a snooze.

    If you explore more this feature, the new update allows you to control individual apps. That’s not it, you can also control the notification type of app. For instance, in Twitter, you can control notifications related to Direct Messages, Followers, Emergency Alerts, Recommendations, and Contacts.


    You have experienced this feature in browsers, right. It is one of the most amazing features which save our lots of time. Thanks to Android that after lots of waiting for this feature is finally introduced in Android Oreo.

    Unlike desktop browsers autofill feature it will first ask you to save the information. Once you allow, it will get stored. After that, you don’t have to remember the information.

    Enhanced Text Selection Tool

    When you select any address in your email then it will pop up an icon which suggests you Google Maps, so you can directly use the map without copy pasting the address on Google Maps. The same works with an email address and phone numbers.

    Smart WiFi

    As you know that when your phone WiFi stays on, it keeps searching for new connection which consumes too much battery. Android Oreo comes up with a smart solution.

    When you come nearby to any known access point, it will automatically connect you to WiFi even if you have switched off the WiFi. All you need to do is go to Settings and toggle on the option “Turn on Wi-Fi automatically.” You have an option to get a notification if there are any open networks.

    If you like these amazing features then feel free to share it and if you are the one who is looking for developing an app which is optimized for the latest Android update then hire us for Android app development.

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