Know Why Marketers Love These 3 Hubspot Marketing Automation Features

Any small-sized, or mid-sized business that is opting to Hubspot Inbound Marketing Automation system is not planning to switch to any other platform in the long run. And, why is that happening? We know, there are equally good and competitive software available, but what is that in Hubspot that is working for it. So, we started digging deep and found out the following reasons or you can say features that are letting Hubspot Marketing Automation system win the game.

1. Easy going Email Template
Hubspot Marketing Automation System is providing very useful email communication tools. The availability of automatic responses, work-flows and mailing lists in the CRM allows easy communication of the sales and marketing team with the contacts in the list. This way both the teams can track on which stage a customer is in. No data loss in the way.

Key Elements: More power, more control, and better tracking

2. Process Automation

Once a lead is created, it is registered in the company records. And, as the process of lead entry goes on, the process of creating new leads also goes on simultaneously on the other hand. This simultaneous processing is automated. It smooths the work-flow. The task of manually handling the data and information and creating a new lead in the vacant space is cut off. The time taken in these manual tasks can be utilized on building strategies and other marketing tasks. Along with that, the segmentation of the lead records and customer records is another great feature. It shows the exact stage where the contact is in the sales funnel.

key Elements: Multiple Process Automation, Manual handling eradicated, and spare time for important tasks

3. Hubspot Talk
Those who have used it know how beneficial Hubspot have become because of Hubspot Talk. You can call, record, and take notes straightaway from the CRM. Everything at one place reduces the time consumed in shifting from components and tools to call, record and take notes of the call. Log calls are yesterday’s game now. It’s Hubspot Talk time.

Key Elements: Control over Calls at one place, Time saving, and seamless sales process

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