How to Keep Your Website Alive?

A website is good. A living site is better. To retain the user, push to return, improve, too, the SEO, it should update its content regularly.

Do not believe that once your site is online, the effort is over: the adventure is just beginning, and you will have to find new content to publish in the long term. Content that you can also share on social networks.

Background rather than actuality

You can produce as much good news as you can, but a hundred or so other site managers will have had the same idea. If you’re brave, invest in the basics that will make reference. to consent, but you’ll soon be sitting on a gold mine to catch traffic and incoming links – all of which are good news for Google.”

Better a reference file enriched over time on your heart activity than a race to the news in which everyone ends up getting lost. Invest in content with a long life with the help of Top web development companies in the market.

Each company has the opportunity to become a medium on the Internet. Write, produce content, yes, but not no matter how. Let your personality speak: we come for you, for a style, for a spirit, play close and be true, avoid selling under the pretext of writing, write well and you may sell Do not make your site a minefield by disseminating commercial links to each paragraph. In the articles, the public comes to find information, rarely consult a product catalog.

To keep your website alive

You do not want your site to become obsolete but you do not want to redesign your site? Discover our 6 tips to keep your site alive.

Aging, loss of functionality, obsolete design. Say no to the signs of age on your website! The old age of your site is not inevitable. So that your site retains the ardor of its youth, our experts have THE solution:


Would you rather walk in a puddle of socks and have to keep them all day OR face a 404 error on a site? I choose without hesitation the first answer! What a horror to be faced with this type of error when a link does not point to anything.

If you do not want to be the hangman of your users, the torturer of your users, remember to regularly check the links of your website. This is especially true if you have made major changes to your site. In this case, you may have forgotten to update your URLs and redirects.

In addition, if your site has links pointing to external sites, remember to check that they have not been broken, deleted or moved.


This point may be less high in the pyramid of sacrilege that can be found on a website, it is still important: undiscounted content can lead to dramatic consequences.

It can cause a visitor to leave your website furious and never go back. And a lost prospect, one!

This point concerns you mainly if you have a blog, a news site or any other type of site that is highly conducive to change. It is therefore essential to constantly update your content so that it does not become obsolete or even erroneous.

If you offer useful information, tutorials, or other content that may change, keep yourself informed of the latest developments to avoid having a site “has been”.


When a new browser is developed, use it to test your site. If your friend receives a new phone or tablet, ask them to borrow it to test your site.

A new version of JavaScript is available? Download it also for a test!

It is important that you test your site on as many different platforms as possible. Indeed, it may be that it does not adapt properly to different screen resolutions or different versions of browsers. If necessary, contact your webmaster to make changes as soon as possible!


You have brought a user on your site, he is interested in your products and is about to contact you, and there, unfortunately, your contact form does not work.

Lamartine said it already in 1820, “one form misses you, and everything is depopulated”.

Forms can effectively take on essential functions such as contacting your company or buying your products.  These forms may stop working for a variety of reasons. Maybe it uses Javascript and the script has stopped working. Maybe this is your version of PHP that has not been updated. Maybe it’s marked as SPAM.

Whatever the reason, check regularly that your forms work to avoid missing out on prospects and potentially interesting deals!


While it’s important that your content be up-to-date, having a site with a design and features in the era of time will help you preserve your site’s signs of age. Have you heard about flat design? Material design? From Parallax? Tiny design?

These are all design trends that you can incorporate into your site to give it a more modern look.

To integrate simple design changes to your site, it is not necessarily necessary to redesign your site. Special modules or some small retouches can do the trick. In case of larger changes, do not hesitate to call your web agency!


Yet it is the basis for not losing it. Yet so many site owners do not think about doing this simple manipulation! If you want to avoid losing your site on a misunderstanding, it is very important to make regular backups.

If today all hosts should manage backups for you, this is not the case for all. If this is not the case, consider making regular backups to keep your latest changes. Do not hesitate to contact us as we are one of the Best web development companies and let us manage and keep your website alive.

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