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    Apple iPhone X is recently launched and totally opposite of expectations it has nothing new. But is it really true? Maybe not, yes it is true that Apple iPhone X has features which are already in the market but is it make it totally useless? Well if you are the one who is expecting totally out of the box features then may be new iPhone will bit disappoint you but if you have a close look at every feature then you will notice that company works on every single feature to make them more authentic. However, these features are right now on paper but still it looks promising. We have taken 5 best features of Apple iPhone X, read them and decide whether it is worth buying or not?

    Bezel-less Display

    This is one of the most hyped things which Apple is currently boasting but let us tell you that this is not a thing which is completely new in the market. Earlier many companies like Micromax, Samsung, LG, Vivo, etc. launched their bezel-fewer smartphones.

    Now maybe most of you are thinking what the heck is bezel-less smartphones? If you have the same question in your mind then know that bezel-less bezel is a term which is used to describe the frame which covers the LCD, monitor, computer or Smartphone. Now, bezel-less simply means without. Here we are talking about Apple iPhone X, it doesn’t have any metallic or plastic structure on which hold the screen which results a beautiful border free display is produced.

    No doubt it is not a new feature but Apple always presents the old things in its own style and makes it more unique. Apple knows how to brand things. We are sure that even you’ve seen many bezels-less phones you don’t give a damn about them but now it after launching of Apple iPhone X suddenly it becomes one of the hottest and latest things.

    Face ID

    This is again not a new feature which is introduced in any Smartphone. Samsung already launched it much before Apple iPhone X.  Apart from this Samsung clearly wins when it comes to biometrics as it has all for instance iris scanner, fingerprint reader, and face detection. A user can use any of these to unlock the Smartphone.

    So where actually Apple wins? In face detection section which Apple calls Face ID.? There are many proofs available where Samsung Galaxy Note 8 could be easily fooled using a photo. So it’s not a safe option to use this security till the new update come.

    Apple introduced its Face ID with True Depth technology. This is simply a win over Samsung’s Face detection as it can’t differentiate between a real people and a photo. Face ID is much more a 3D face scanner which analyzes the depth of the face to detect the person.

    Face ID is the only biometric security which you can use. There is no iris scanner or fingerprint scanner on the phone. All you need to depend on Face ID only. According to Apple, it is more secure than iris scanner and fingerprint scanner.

    Wireless Charging

    Wireless charging, how much you are excited about it? Earlier Apple integrated Qi standard which has been around for many years. The problem with this technology is it was never adopted widely.

    Wireless charging is a cool concept in the Smartphone, and many high-end smartphones are equipped with this feature, and Apple iPhone X is not an exception. The thing which we don’t like about wireless charging is technically it is not 100% wireless charging.

    Well, you have to place your phone on a dock which is why we preferred to call it dock charger, not the wireless charger, as you can’t-do any task on your phone until and unless you are sitting nearby and operate it from above.

    Augmented Reality

    AR is one of the most trending technologies. A single minor update on augmented reality is enough to create a buzz.  Apple iPhone X has some notable improvement on AR as they are coming with ARkit which is specifically designed to give hardware boost, all thanks to its new A11 Bionic chip.

    If we compare it with Android then Asus Zenfone AR has a custom-made technology on the other side Apple iPhone let the user play with virtual robots right from their living room. Now because this is the alone Apple ecosystem which helps the iOS app developers serious money be ready to new software in this field in coming months.

    Dual Camera

    Most of us don’t know that Apple launched its first dual camera previous year but because it needs perfection they didn’t hype it. But that Time Company promised to improve it for their upcoming phones which is now iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X.

    The new phone has 12 MP sensor which has deeper pixels, new color filter and a new telephoto camera with OIS. Both back cameras are equipped with fast lenses which will give optical image stabilization along with amazing videos and photos even in low light condition.

    The new phone has wide-angle and telephoto camera which let you play with optical and digital zoom. You can zoom up to 10 xs while capturing photos and 6x while shooting videos.

    Above we told about augmented reality and said that iOS app developers could earn a lot of money from it. What is your take on it? Tell us in the comment section.

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