Is it Easy to Hire a Mobile App Developer ?

Once Bill Gates said, “If your business is not online, you better be out of business.” Today, it is the time to modify this statement and say, “If you do have a mobile app for your business,  it is better to be out of the business.” The extensive use of smartphones has brought mobile apps into the limelight. From buying your grocery to making critical financial transactions, almost everything is done over a simple mobile app.  According to LinkedIn, mobile app developers are the best professionals on this Microsoft owned professional network.

It is important that top mobile app development companies in India planned app, which is chosen from several independent designers or agencies to design the application. Each designer will have their style, often skewing towards consumer or enterprise and will have a portfolio of apps to show that can help you decide on who or which company is best.

According to the Statista, the number of android users is increasing day by day, and it has broken all the previous records. To find the best one, a lot of precision is required while hiring.

 Do You Need a Mobile App Developer?

Although there are many easy ways to create a mobile app on your own using amazing tools with the help of the internet and it is something that everyone wants these days. It is due to highly flexible platforms. People argue that there are four main options to get a mobile app development, but only one of them works well in favor of a business. People suggest:

  1. Looking for a business partner who can double up as an app developer.
  2. Hiring an in-house team of developer, designers, and QA professionals.
  3. Hiring a freelance app developer.
  4. Seek the services of a dedicated and mobile app development company.

Mainly the option that you consider depends upon your objectives a business size. A partner doubling up as an app developer or a freelancer is excellent for those who try out their luck with the idea that they feel would work.

For that business venture, whose primary domain is not IT or whose significant shares do not come from an app, hiring a top mobile app development company to get the best results.

Although it stands right mostly for the SME segment, there are great advantages harvested by using this approach. This is because the costs involved in hiring a full-fledged team are quite high and at the same time, potential labor hours that the team can put in would not be utilized.

The hired agency not only work for the allotted project but also bring a substantial experience on the table.  It merely means that you are all set to get beautiful recommendations as they start working on your mobile app, and even before that. Therefore, once the app is developed, the post-services provided by the company will be cheaper.

Moreover, hiring the best mobile app developer is a challenging task, and sometimes you get the right candidate at the right time that you want according to your requirements.

How do you find a mobile app developer?

Now, every software developer does not know how to build apps. It demands the technical knowledge about coding in this particular sector, and skill he can’t afford to miss is creativity since a mobile developer is an artist by heart. If you have a business partner and it is okay if they create apps for you.

It demands technical knowledge about coding in this particular sector. Since a mobile app developer, in most instances, designs the app too, he must be an artist at heart. If you have a business partner that can develop apps for you, it’s okay. He will take care of your hiring. Even if you do not, don’t worry! You have the internet, the mother of all the solutions.

Let’s discuss some principles before hiring the mobile app developers for your business:

Know the basics

You should know what language app developers use for creating mobile apps. At the same time, you must aware of your target audience. The complexity of your app determines the code you use. iOS requires a different system than  Android, and there is a coding language that works on both so that you have to be sure about. You would also want to know about the current market price for mobile app development of different sorts in the market. Thus, a  mobile app development agency would be there to help. Therefore, while discussing your projects with them, they will at a  position to tell you which language and style would work for you.

Check experience

You look for an experienced mobile app developer or an agency.  No one would want to hire a tyro for their important project. The hired professional need not be an expert buy having a good experience is mandatory.  You can also ask for the samples of the codes and details of the work that they have done in this field. Interview him once, if you are satisfied with his background.

If you choose to go with an agency, you should be aware of their prior projects and the type of clients they have had.


If the mobile app developer crossed all the interview levels, you need to introduce him to your needs. The app developers know the working procedure of the but they do not know your business and the customer you target in the industry. Hence, it becomes impressive to build a strong relationship with your app developers and interconnect with them. You need to be specific about the type of business you are handling. You also need to introduce your app developer regarding your competitor’s ads. At this stage, if you have some favorite applications, it is a wise decision to expose them to the developer as a sample.

An important thing to consider here is that an all-rounded mobile app developer should have knowledge of both the front end and the back-end design and development of an app, but experience tells us that a ‘full-stack’ mobile app developer may not be a reality. Generally, a mobile app developer might be useful in either of the two, design or development.

Must-Use Tips for Hiring Mobile App Developers

To find out someone who can convert your app idea into a real-life application is a challenge. It is one of the biggest problems faced by app entrepreneurs who have an excellent app idea.  The primary concern is to find and hire skilled app developers.  No doubt, experienced app developers are hard to find as they should meet your requirements and project needs. It’s crucial to feel at ease with developers.

  1. Check the app developer’s portfolio: It will give you an insight into the app developer’s clientele. You can directly talk to him one of the clients and get feedback. Usually, app developers have their websites. Check out their sites, and the UI/UX aspects. User experience is a vital aspect of many mobile apps.
  2. Look for creativity: You would definitely like your app to stand out from others. Therefore, creativity plays an important role to select an app developer. Your interpersonal and communication skills come at the first position here. Always choose that app developer who is willing to go the extra mile with you.
  3. The flexibility of working: Your app developer might be living in a country with a different time zone. Therefore, communication tools like Skype, email, phone, and seeks attention. The time difference can also be a defining factor.
  4. Payment terms: Budget is also one of the important factors. Now, you have an idea of how much these app developers charge. Does it synchronize with your budget? It is better to clarify things beforehand. There can be issues like additional costs for developing security systems. Remember that the cheapest option is never the best one. As you need a decent product, be ready to shell out decent money as well.

Experience counts a lot. It is better to hire app developers that have experience in developing similar apps.

Have a budget for developing an app. Set aside a specific sum of money for the purpose. Btw, you must have the budget for promoting the app.

Final Thoughts

Mobile app development is not a  one- day activity. It an iterative process that needs to release updates, fixes bugs and incorporates new features and functionalities into the app. That’s why it plays a vital role to understand the developer’s maintenance and support policy when you’re trying to hire the best app developers. Always try to choose the best mobile app development company or developer who provides you support and maintenance after competition of handover. Instead, hire the best app developers who offer you an app support and maintenance program post-delivery, whether that’s on an hourly basis or the task basis.

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