Integrating Google Adwords with Marketo

A Marketing Automation Software such as Marketo is capable of performing all the tasks that it is designed for. Still, the developers have allowed third party software integration to expand the reach of the software even more. And, the marketing automation software users are making full use of this opportunity.

Google Adwords integration in Marketo is the most common and favorite integration that users go for. Marketers understand the need for ad optimization in order to achieve more. There are marketing automation software available that do not allow Google Adwords integration, But Marketo knew the importance of it and allowed this integration. Now, users don’t have to operate and optimize the Google Adwords manually.

Marketo and Google Adwords integration allows the users to view the conversion data (online and offline) from Marketo in Google Adwords. This data helps the user understand the performance of each campaign, each ad, best performing keywords and more. When a user clicks on the ad, moves to the landing page, and clicks on the call to action, that data is saved in the online section. When the user personally visits your local store or contacts your via a phone call, that is saved in offline data.

Offline and Online Data both help in planning out the ad campaign strategies. As soon as the prospect first interacted with you via the ad, landing page, or contact form, the tracking of the lead in the sales cycle begins. Marketo does this tracking and sends the data to Google Adwords. You can create and customize the columns based on the metrics you wish to follow.

Integrating is beneficial but is a cumbersome task to perform. Only the initiated professionals can understand how to perform this integration perfectly. One wrong step and things will go out of your hands.

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